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friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!


I am so excited about [the Martin & Sylvia "Advent Calendar" Audio Book]!  It feels like an answered prayer.

I grew up in a religious home, with an advent calendar. I loved the tradition. But I no longer resonate with that religion for myself (solstice is more my style). I bought our 6 year-old daughter an advent calendar I saw at our food co-op because the pictures were so sweet, and I just loved it when I was a kid. I vowed to myself then and there that we would find ways to incorporate many traditions in celebrating the advent.

This will fit so perfectly! Thanks for what you do.

~Tiffianie, Troy and Anjali, Lexington, Kentucky, USA 

sparkle crafts – inside fairy doors

Sparkle Stories - Making Fairy Doors for Inside
In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “Three Little Fairy Houses,” the weather starts to change and Sylvia becomes quite concerned that she won’t have time to make fairy houses strong enough to withstand the threatening storm. Perhaps you’re worried about your fairies as well!

If the weather is turning where you are, to a time when there is more indoors than out, why not invite the fairies in for the winter? Make a fairy door, or several, to welcome them into your home for the winter months so they can weather the season with you in warmth.

You Will Need
Sparkle Stories - Getting Ready to Paint Fairy Doors
Popsicle Sticks



Utility Knife

Hot Glue Gun

Other Miscellany

What To Do

Start by painting one side of your popsicle sticks. Each fairy door will require seven sticks.

Sparkle Stories - Painting Popsicle Sticks to Make Fairy Doors
Let the paint dry.

Once the paint is dry, cut one of the popsicle sticks in half. Use your utility knife, on a suitable cutting surface. Alternating sides, score the stick with the knife. Once you have a nice gouge on each side of the stick, it should easily break apart.

Line up six of your popsicle sticks painted side down. Using your hot glue gun, adhere the sticks to one another with two parallel lines across the back.

Sparkle Stories - Gluing together the Popsicle Sticks for the Fairy Door
Let the glue dry.

Flip over the newly assembled fairy door so it is painted side up.

Using hot glue, attach the half sticks about a 1/4 of the way from the top and bottom of the door, for accent.

Sparkle Stories - Assembling the Fairy Door
Once the fairy door is dry, find a place in your home to put it and wait for the fairies to arrive!

Sparkle Stories - Welcoming Fairies inside with a DIY Fairy Door
Explore More & Make Connections

What else might you do to make the fairies feel welcome? Can you think of anything else they might need?

Andrea & Danielle are the creative makers, friends, and co-founders behind Crafting Connections, a magazine and website dedicated to bringing families the tools and inspiration for living creative lives while raising curious & creative children.

ABOUT Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!

Saturdays are special days for our creative brother and sister. From enormous art projects in their own backyard to “explorers” adventures up Mooseberry mountain; from mornings of quiet building along the creek, to whole-family canning adventures in the kitchen, the children find fun and inspiration at every turn.

rp_291f6b3d-104e-4ed1-8cbf-c7ae51f98df9.pngEACH WEEK there are

1.  A FRESH STORY about brother and sister’s adventures.
2.  A CRAFT or PROJECT on the Sparkle Blog inspired by the week’s story.
3. And a PRINTABLE PROJECT PAGE for more creative fun.


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sparkle kitchen – rock candy | sparkle kitchen | rock candy

In this week’s At Home with Martin and Sylvia, brother and sister wake one morning to see that everything in their yard is covered in shimmering frost crystals. It looks like a frost fairy paradise! When Daddy takes them on a walk to their neighbor’s house, they discover Jack Frost’s work along the sides of the brook, on the tips of every branch, and especially at the edges of a pond.

Like Martin and Sylvia, I love seeing Jack Frost’s handiwork. As with many bit of nature “magic”, though, frost has a scientific explanation that, while it can’t compare to fairies, is pretty neat all by itself. Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – rock candy” »

Four Free Audio Stories for Thanksgiving!

Hi Sparkle friends!  Happy Thanksgiving! 


Here are the
for Thanksgiving,
all in once place.

You can listen and download each story below,
or find them on the Sparkle Podcast.

Enjoy! Continue reading “Four Free Audio Stories for Thanksgiving!” »

friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!


My daughter, 6, and son, 4, are obsessed with Sparkle Stories. My daughter, who is now being home schooled, finds Sparkle Stories to be her inspiration while she does her art work, listening while she draws and listening when she knits. It is now a necessity when traveling in the car – they can’t hear enough. Thank you so much for your creative inspiration.

~Amy Beth, Vermont, USA

sparkle crafts – family flag | martin & sylvia: saturdays! | family flag

In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “Around the World,” Martin and Sylvia take a class where they learn about all the countries of the world and have a chance to cook a dish from one of their very favorites!

Countries are sort of like families; each country has shared culture, a certain amount of symbology that binds them together and, usually, a distinct food culture. Delve into your own family and make a flag that represents your shared family culture! Continue reading “sparkle crafts – family flag” »

sparkle kitchen – homemade butter | sparkle kitchen | homemade butter

In next week’s free podcast story, “Home-Grown Thanksgiving,” Martin and Sylvia’s family changes their Thanksgiving holiday tradition. For as long as either brother or sister can remember, they have gone to their grandparents’ home to celebrate Thanksgiving. But this year, their parents have decided to host the event at home.

And not only is the traditional location changing, but Momma and Daddy have proposed to cook a Thanksgiving meal with only local ingredients. Everything they eat will come from their own garden or from farms nearby. Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – homemade butter” »

The “Martin & Sylvia” Audio Advent Calendar!

Martin & Sylvia

Audio Advent Calendar
is now available!

M&S_ADVENT(1)This Audio Advent Calendar features one long introductory story, followed by 24 daily stories in which Martin and Sylvia, the enterprising brother and sister, take a small adventure and make a delightful discovery.

Listen to a new story each day
December 1st through the 25th!

(Or enjoy them in bundles each week.
Or listen to all 5 hours during your
post-Christmas travels.
They are delightful any time!)

It’s over FIVE HOURS
of holiday audio stories!

(And at $24, that’s a
serious Sparkle deal!)
Continue reading “The “Martin & Sylvia” Audio Advent Calendar!” »

Sparkle Audio Books on iTunes!

We’re conducting a

(You know how we love to try new things.)

We have popped
three of our Audio Books
on iTunes and Amazon.





But why? Continue reading “Sparkle Audio Books on iTunes!” »

friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!
Huge thank you to Sparkle Stories! I don’t know how I found you, but my daughter and I are in love with the Martin & Sylvia stories in particular. I think I get as excited as she does when a new story appears. We sometimes listen in the car, but also just hanging out drawing and doing projects. We always thought everything was kinda Waldorf friendly…and then when they started finger knitting…we knew!
~Nicole, San Diego, CA, USA

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