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Free Story to Celebrate the Fourth of July!

We have a free story on the Sparkle Podcast this week–
a little bonus to celebrate the Fourth of July!

It’s called “Independence Day on the Green”
from the Martin & Sylvia Original Audio Story Series.

It is Independence Day!  Martin wants to watch the fireworks from the central Green in town rather than from their bedroom windows like in previous years.  But Sylvia is worried about leaving their old dog Billbill, who is terrified of the sound of fireworks. Through cleverness and ingenuity, Martin and Sylvia solve this impasse and have a rather memorable 4th of July.

Download Independence Day on the Green

little stars To learn more about the Martin & Sylvia Original Audio Story Series click HERElittle stars

The 4th of July is a great opportunity
for some family storytelling.

What are your best memories of 4th of July?


Lisabeth’s is dressing up as the Statue of Liberty on roller skates.

David’s is how the fireworks used to get set too low
and part of the fun was avoiding the glowing firework cinders!

Share your best 4th of July memories in the comments below!
We’d love to hear.

mands.family2_1_If you’d like some family story inspiration, 
then have a look at our newest Audio Book:
Martin & Sylvia’s 

“Family Tree of Stories.”

The first story is FREE!

Find it HERE.

friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!


My boys and I get so much pleasure listening to your stories, but the best one ever has been your Audio Book, How To Be Super. We loved the characters, the build up through each chapter, the mistakes, the sticking with it, the mindfulness. There is so much to be learned from that story and I find myself recommending it often.  

As KickStarter supporters we have just finished listening to Goose Eye Summer Camp and we absolutely loved that story too.

Thank you for the wonderful, creative work you do. There are always small moments that trigger big inspirations that help me be a better parent.


Free Family Tree Printable! And Sparkle Family Stories.


Make your own Family Tree! 

We created this printable to go along with the new audio book – Martin & Sylvia “Family Tree of Stories – so you can enjoy mapping out your family too!

There are two pages.

The first page is the tree.  This is your blank canvas for describing your family.

The second is a page of little leaves.  Use the leaves to represent your family — parents, siblings, grandparents included.  Pets are welcome too!  Draw a picture or write a name in each, cut them out, and add them to the tree.

And after you are done, we’ll bet you’ll want to tell a story or two! Continue reading “Free Family Tree Printable! And Sparkle Family Stories.” »

A NEW Martin & Sylvia Audio Book: “Family Tree of Stories”! First story is free!


Summer is a time when so many families get together to celebrate.
And one of the best parts of family gatherings:
family stories!

Let Sparkle inspire a little family storytelling!

sparkle star

a NEW Martin & Sylvia Audio Book:

mands.family2_1_“Family Tree of Stories”

little stars

Hear childhood stories from Martin and Sylvia’s family, including:

Momma, Daddy, Grandma, Nanny and Poppy!

sparkle star The time when Momma saved some mockingbirds
and then met the Governor of Texas.

sparkle star

The time when Daddy’s little league went to the championships
and Daddy didn’t want to play.

sparkle star

The time when Grandma stood for her beliefs
with a surprising 4th of July parade float…

And more!

Six stories that will inspire your own
family story time.

It’s over 2 1/2 hours of stories for $12.

The first Story is FREE!  Listen below!  Continue reading “A NEW Martin & Sylvia Audio Book: “Family Tree of Stories”! First story is free!” »

sparkle kitchen – what’s your favorite hot dog?

This is a repost from two years ago when we taste tested some YUMMY hot dog recipes
Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – what’s your favorite hot dog?” »

friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!


Hi David and Lisbeth

We have been subscribing to your stories for half a year now and my boys ages 10 and 7 just love the Martin and Sylvia series. We are subscribing to all 4 stories and it’s my 7yo first time listening to audio  books and he loves the stories and especially your voice David. It is so soothing and easy to listen to even for us non native English speakers.

Recently he tried a children audio book from audible and after 10 mins he had no clue what the narrator was talking about. He even said David is the best! 

They listen to one story every night before bed and it’s just soothes and calms them down.

Thank you for your stories :)                                         

                                                                   ~ Joanne (mom to Khye and Jien)

“Start with Stories”: how to talk about hard topics like racism and violence in light of the Emanuel Church shooting in Charleston.

For children and families struggling
with the shocking events in Charleston, SC

Here are three Helping & Healing stories and one tutorial  –
each with a different offering of support.

NOTE: We share these audio stories freely.
The stories have no Sparkle Stories “copyright tags” or ads.
You are welcome to share the stories
wherever you think they could be helpful.



“The Pigeon King”
A story about what connects people of every race, religion and ethnicity

We wrote this story as an way of exploring the experience of “otherness”, and as a reminder that we are all truly one human family. Continue reading ““Start with Stories”: how to talk about hard topics like racism and violence in light of the Emanuel Church shooting in Charleston.” »

The next Sparkle T-Shirts! Brainstorm Page!

We want to offer irresistable t-shirts on the new website in the fall!

(Sparkle Kickstarter T-Shirts)


What would you enjoy?

The Sparkle Guy?
Martin & Sylvia?

Spiro the Skunk?
Something else? 


Tell us in the comments below! 

AND WOWSA!  We may have over-ordered
the Sparkle Kickstarter t-shirts!   

That means we may have some extra t-shirts
once we’ve shipped the original Kickstarter orders.

If you really really wanted a t-shirt,

but didn’t get one, stay tuned!

sparkle crafts – simple sewn books | sparkle crafts | simple sewn books

** This is a repost from last year, this book would make a perfect summer nature journal!

In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, both kids work on their own books to record and share something that they’d learned the previous year. Martin is eager and filled with ideas for filling the pages in his own story. Sylvia is a little more reluctant, not sure at first what she wants to write about. It’s easy to relate to both!

Making simple sewn books is one of my very favorite projects to do with kids. There is something truly magical about giving little ones the chance and opportunity to tell their own tales and write their own stories. These little books make perfect additions to a home library and are super keepsakes, capturing the moment in time in a way that a photograph just can’t. Continue reading “sparkle crafts – simple sewn books” »

sparkle kitchen – eating red, white & blue!


***This is a repost from several years ago. With summer in full swing now and the Forth of July just around the corner we thought it a perfect time to bring it back. 

It’s almost the Fourth of July everyone!  We American families get a bit dotty for red, white & blue, don’t we?  Pull out your American flag; pull out your red, white & blue star tablecloth with matching napkins; put on your red shirt, with your blue shorts and your white hat (the one with the red, white & blue ribbon); and get down to celebrating!

Martin and Sylvia’s family enjoy those patriotic colors too, in this upcoming Friday’s story: Martin & Sylvia “Independence Day on the Green”. Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – eating red, white & blue!” »

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