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friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words and images we receive!



This is their fairy garden. Sparkle Stories helps the kids grow their attention spans, and helps them learn about how other people live in different places. My son would love to make his own maple syrup! Many thanks for all the joy and peace you bring to our home.

Sincerely, Sandra

sparkle crafts – collapsible play tent | martin & sylvia: saturdays! | collapsible play tent

(This project accompanies the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story “The Tiny House)

Summer days are long. Blissfully long. With so many daylight hours in each day, there are many opportunities to make magic happen! With just a little time spent at the workbench and behind the sewing machine, you can create a collapsible play tent for your little ones. Putting the wood and sheet together just so elevates the whole experience from just a collection of sticks and fabric, to a magical play tent perfect for spending long, lazy summer afternoons. Continue reading “sparkle crafts – collapsible play tent” »

sparkle kitchen – ship’s biscuits

In this week’s At Home with Martin & Sylvia, the brother and sister learn to sail!   There are so many different new words and actions to learn, and so much fun to be had.  When they work together to complete their first “coming about” — a celebration follows!

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friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words and images we receive!



Just wanted to say thank you. This is a picture of my kids who are home sick. Happily listening to the “Family Tree of Stories” and making their own trees. They can’t get enough of Sparkle Stories and enjoy many sparkle inspired activities.

~Sparkle Listeners

sparkle crafts – dip-dyed braided flower wristlet | martin & sylvia: saturdays! | sparkle crafts

There is a time during the summer called the “dog days of summer” – it’s a time when the weather is oh-so-hot and it begins creeping into how everyone is feeling. The hot can make you feel uncomfortable, sweaty, and even…a bit grumpy. In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “The Picky Day”, Martin and Sylvia are feeling it too, and their grumpiness turns into picking – picking at, and on, each other – all day long. So how do we cure pickiness? By following Mama’s lead and making something beautiful! Today we’re going to make a little bit of happiness that you can wear no matter how hot it is outside – a dip-dyed and braided paper flower wristlet – a sure way to beat any case of pickiness your little one may have (though that’s certainly not a requirement!) Continue reading “sparkle crafts – dip-dyed braided flower wristlet” »

sparkle kitchen – lemon meringue quinoa granola


This is the most unique granola recipe I’ve ever tried.   It’s crunchy and lemony and sweet.  And so clever that I asked good and clever Sparkle storyteller (aka David) if he might include it in an upcoming Martin & Sylvia story.  And so he did!  (That good and clever storyteller!)

You’ll find that our much-loved Martin and Sylvia enjoy it for their breakfast in this Friday’s Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures story, “Projects”.  (A clever recipe for a really clever and fun story.) Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – lemon meringue quinoa granola” »

friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved. 

Each week we like to share some of the kind words and images we receive!



We can’t get enough of Sparkle Stories! While preparing for a road trip, I asked our 9 year old to get her stuff packed.  I asked her if she wanted me to find her handheld game system.  To which she responded, “No. I have my Sparkle Stories so that’s enough” This is a fairy house she built at the campsite, “for the tree fairies”.

Your stories continue to teach and inspire us! Thank you for your work for our children!


sparkle crafts – home team pennant | martin & sylvia: saturdays! | diy felt pennant

Go team, go!!

There is so much fun creating to be done this week making your very own sports team and sport! From uniforms to the game itself, Martin and Sylvia had so much fun coming up with teams of their own in this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story “Sports from Scratch”, and we know you will too. Listen to the story and then come up with a sport and team of your own – remember, you’ll need a few important things:

  • A team name (What is something you love or love to do? Martin drew inspiration from a favorite animal.)
  • A uniform (Do you have an old tee-shirt you can decorate with fabric markers or paint?)
  • A sport or game to play (What game does your team name remind you of? Sylvia’s name had everyone buzzzzzing this week.)
  • A sport’s pennant to show your team spirit – that’s what we’re going to make today!

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sparkle kitchen – pies pies pies



Hello Sparklers! This a repost from two years ago. 

 In this Friday’s Junkyard Tales, there’s a big ole Pie Festival.  So we decided to do a heap of Pie Baking too!

On this festive summer day, each of the Junkyard animals makes their own particular pie, and at the end of the day, the pies are judged.  (And the identity of the judge is a secret!) Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – pies pies pies” »

Sparkle Summertime Toolkit, and Free Summer Stories!


It’s mid-summer, 
and if your kids are like our kids,
I bet you’ve heard the words

I’m bored…” or
Are we there yet?” or 
Is grandma really coming tomorrow?”  


Not to worry, we have lots of stories for you in our
Sparkle Summertime Toolkit!

Our Summertime Toolkit includes:

 four summer-y Audio Books
 four of our favorite FREE summertime stories
 one sweet little sale.  (On the “Boredom” Audio Book!)

ENJOY! Continue reading “Sparkle Summertime Toolkit, and Free Summer Stories!” »

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