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sparkle kitchen – infused honey | sparkle kitchen | infused honey

In this week’s Sparkle Sleepytime, Happy the Honey Bee deals with mixed feelings about being chosen to join the new queen and swarm to a new hive.

While they sometimes inspire a little fear, a swarm of bees can also be fascinating. Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – infused honey” »

friday’s kind words


Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!

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Thank you for the little post on the reality of family life. I’m sure we all needed it, as summer is upon us and school is OUT. It’s good to know who is behind the examples we set for our kids – real people!

When mom needs a break from activity and the outdoors, yet the kids are still full of energies, I get out the colored pencil box, paper and the illustrated field guild to birds. I place it all on our big square coffee table and put on a Sparkle story. We sit, we draw. Decompression time! Something about the combination of David’s voice and the hundreds of colored birds is soothing and inspiring. So, thank you again.

- Elizabeth, Sonora, California, USA

sparkle crafts – home team pennant | martin & sylvia: saturdays! | diy felt pennant

Go team, go!!

There is so much fun creating to be done this week making your very own sports team and sport! From uniforms to the game itself, Martin and Sylvia had so much fun coming up with teams of their own in this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, and we know you will too. Listen to the story and then come up with a sport and team of your own – remember, you’ll need a few important things:

  • A team name (What is something you love or love to do? Martin drew inspiration from a favorite animal.)
  • A uniform (Do you have an old tee-shirt you can decorate with fabric markers or paint?)
  • A sport or game to play (What game does your team name remind you of? Sylvia’s name had everyone buzzzzzing this week.)
  • A sport’s pennant to show your team spirit – that’s what we’re going to make today!

Continue reading “sparkle crafts – home team pennant” »

sparkle kitchen – hardtack | sparkle kitchen

In this week’s Martin & Sylvia, pirates have invaded the local “Lake Days” celebration, complete with head scarves, gnarly beards, and thick pirate accents. Martin, Sylvia, and Daddy each play a part, captaining their pirate canoes and invading a friend’s sailboat to try to steal some pirate treasure. Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – hardtack” »

friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!

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I have been meaning to write to you over the past year but..oh, how life gets busy! As we are wrapping our year up around here, we just had another wonderful Sparkle story experience that I wanted to share. My two littles ( who are now “officially” Martin and Sylvia aged – he is 7, she is 5) were having a very off day. I decided to check out the Helping and Healing stories about sibling rivalry. What a perfect break in the day for mama and babes alike! We all snuggled in our spots and rode the story journey together. The evening definitely took a turn for the better after that, as each could relate to the story, and find some healing from it….Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that you do! Our family is blessed by your work!

- Amy, Derry, NH, USA


sparkle crafts – activity inspiration sticks | idea organizer | Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!

We all need a bit of inspiration from time-to-time, whether we’re looking for something to fill a few moments of down-time or an activity to do with a visiting friend. While grown-ups might turn to blogs or pinterest, little ones need something that’s a little less techy but still filled with just the right amount of inspiration.

What we’ve cooked up is a simple three jar system, filled with activities for doing solo, enjoying with a friend, or tackling with a grown-up. Simple words are great for independent readers while pictures give a bit of a hint to the pre-reading crowd. Continue reading “sparkle crafts – activity inspiration sticks” »

sparkle kitchen – purslane pesto


In this week’s “At Home with Martin and Sylvia”, Momma and Daddy decide to turn part of their overgrown side yard into a flower meadow. They enlist Martin and Sylvia’s help in clearing out all the weeds, saplings, and thicket.  

Chances are that, if the family had looked closely, they might have found some purslane in all of those weeds.  

Purslane is a low-growing, sprawling plant with succulent-like, deep green leaves.  While it’s commonly thought of as a weed, it’s actually quite edible.  Its slightly lemon-y flavor is delicious when mixed in salads or pesto.  Further, purslane is a nutritional powerhouse.  It’s chock-full of vitamin E and contains more omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant. Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – purslane pesto” »

friday’s kind words

Whenever a Sparkle family takes the time to share their experience with the stories, we are delighted and moved.  Each week we like to share some of the kind words we receive!

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I just wanted to let you know how much my 6 year old son LOVES your sparkle stories. His favourite is any Junkyard Tales story and then the Martin & Sylvia stories. He listens to a story each night in bed. Thank you for having such wonderful stories, please keep up the fantastic work :)

- Sonya, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia



sparkle kitchen – a granola formula | Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! | homemade granola

Sometimes it can be hard to make compromises that satisfy everyone. In Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! this week, Martin and Sylvia certainly experience that as they work hard to find a way to make everyone have a happy playdate. 

With this granola formula, there is a lot of room for choosing, so there is little need to compromise. If you have one little chef (or four!) in the kitchen with you, everyone can take turns deciding what should be put into the granola.

This granola formula is the perfect chance to do a little experimentation, try something new! You never know when you’ll happen upon a winning combination! Continue reading “sparkle kitchen – a granola formula” »

a Free Story for the 4th of July!

This week’s free story

is in celebration of
the 4th of July!

martin + sylvia to share
It’s called
“Independence Day
on the Green”

from the
Martin & Sylvia Audio Story Series.

It is Independence Day!  Martin wants to watch the fireworks from the central Green in town rather than from their bedroom windows like in previous years.  But Sylvia is worried about leaving their old dog Billbill, who is terrified of the sound of fireworks. Through cleverness and ingenuity, Martin and Sylvia solve this impasse and have a rather memorable 4th of July. Continue reading “a Free Story for the 4th of July!” »

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