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Ready to Start Something


Tuesday is the day to start something.


On Tuesday it is like you have hopped onto one of those people movers in the airport and are suddenly able to walk twice as fast.  Or how bounding with a grocery cart makes you think you can fly.  The day has a progressive current to it and whatever you bring to it will be accelerated.  If you are looking for a tussle, by gum you’ll find one.  But if you are aiming to launch a project, declare a manifesto, declare your candidacy or hang a shingle on main street – the forward energy of Tuesday can help make it happen.


Most mythologies have a god of war.  Mars, Tyr, Ares, Indra, Ankt – and often there are several in each mythology.  Combat has been and continues to be a very specific quality of energy important to people.  Enough so that one of the days of the week honors that energy – Today!  Tuesday comes from the day honoring Tyr, the Norse god of single combat.   And ‘single’ is particularly important with Tyr as he fights with only one hand.  He has no choice but to accomplish things ‘single-handedly’.  In Latin based languages, Tuesday usually starts with “mar” after Mars, the Roman god of war.  In Indic languages, Tuesday usually has a root attributed to Angaraka, which means “one who is red in color” and warlike.


War energy is powerful energy to say the least.  It is the energy that can fuel sporting events as well as business initiatives.  Elections in the United States are held on Tuesday.  There are Super Tuesdays and Black Tuesdays – Tuesdays are a day of power.


So Sparkle will celebrate this kind of energy by posing and linking to initiatives that inspire us to stand up taller and do what is important for ourselves and for the world.  People are doing brave things everywhere. For one woman in France, it is starting a school for at-risk youth, for one man in New York, it is making it all the way to the grocery store without a cane.  We are all strong and capable of great things – but sometimes our ‘story’ of ourselves can muddy our vision and cloud all the potential.


On Tuesdays we will offer other stories.  Stories of people moving into the fear or into the bliss and making a difference in the world.


Today I’ll start local.  Very local.  In our family.  My eldest son wants to be a knight.  He wants to fight for what is right and stand for what is good true and beautiful.   He wants a sword and shield and the opportunity to use them.


So he has started Aikido.  In my limited research, this seems to be the closest thing to “knight’s” training as one can find.  He works with the opposing force to protect himself and others.  Meditation and focus are integral.  Treating others with respect and dignity is fundamental.  “The essence of Aikido is love” said the founder, Morihei Ueshiba, and that kind of “knight’s” training I can stand behind.  So my son has started something - something bold and difficult and deeply satisfying.

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