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New Home, New Friends and New Rules: An introduction to Junkyard Tales

I’ve been telling Junkyard Tales to my two boys for seven years. Ben Thompson’s name came one night when I heard myself say “There was once a cat named …” Then I needed to come up with a name. The first name can entered the open space was Ben Thompson. Ben Thompson? That’s not a name for a cat – I said to myself.

“Daddy, keep going – tell the story” said my oldest who was then three years old.

“There was a cat named … Ben Thompson” said I rolling my eyes at such an ‘unusual name’.

And now, seven years later, every Junkyard Tales episode begins with “This is a story about a cat. The cat’s name was Ben Thompson, an unusual name for a cat, but Ben was an unusual cat”

And now there is a full year of Ben and his friends Sergeant, the steadfast watchdog, Zippy the fun-loving skunk, Georgia Bean the kindly rat and all those mice. Characters have passed through, some have stayed – but all of them are a part of our family.

Here is a story that is not part of the yearly cycle of stories. This is one that would have been part of the introductory sample stories – when Ben first meets Zippy the slow moving porcupine. We hope you enjoy it!


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