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The Games We Play

Game theory is all the rage – it is considered the next plateau in sociology now that Facebook has solidified the connection.  “So why are we connected” ask the sociologists – to play games!


At first swallow, this seems frivolous and inauthentic.  Play games?  What about helping one another?  What about world peace?  What about equality?


But that begs the question – what is a game?  Good question.  Well … one day my youngest son simply couldn’t find anything to do.  Bored bored bored.  And the things he wanted to do were not possible.  No, we are not going to Texas.  No we are not going to get ice cream.


So in a moment of exasperation (or genius) I said, “Lets play ‘Ponk'”


His next question was, of course, “What is ‘Ponk’?”


Then I needed to find the answer along with him.  I looked around.  He had just spread a bunch of little wooden beads around on the floor so I saw my chance.  “Well you make a circle with these small ones …  and then try to hit them with the big ones”


Basically marbles – but in this case it was wooden beads and the game was called “Ponk”.


I think Games are everywhere in every moment.  And they do have an objective – there is a way to “win” every game – its just yours to decide what the game is and how you win it.  And then you need to play it.

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