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Mardi Gras

In this week’s “At Home with Martin and Sylvia”, brother and sister attend a Mardi Gras festival in their town hall.  There is a band, a dance caller and a piece of “King’s Cake” for everyone (but only one bean).

A big inspiration for this story is the yearly Mardi Gras celebration that our local Waldorf School holds every year where the French teacher teaches songs and dances all winter long – culminating in a colorful mask-laden carnival dance in the community room.  After writing the “At Home” story, I found out that the school decided to hold this year’s dance in the town hall as well.

Life is art is life, to be true.  Especially when children are involved.  Let the good times roll everyone.  May your Fat Tuesday bring you color, whimsy, frolic and indeed a healthy helping of fat!

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