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Our Story Begins with an Imagination

This is the introduction to our audio book, “How to Be Super”.

I offer it as inspiration for the mighty Tuesday ahead.  The thesis of the introduction comes out of a question that can often come from children who are 10 or 11 years old – “Is that true?”

This is the extended answer:

Our story begins with an imagination.  This is not to say that it is not true.  It is quite the contrary.  This imagination is true like Johnny Appleseed, or Valentines Day or the North Pole is true.  Is it true that George Washington cut down the cherry tree?  Is it true that the groundhogs shadow tells us when spring will come?  Some of you will say “Yes it is true” while others will say, “No, that is not true.”  Which one is right?  Some people think it is silly when I say a fairy hung my hat on the old hawthorn tree, but at the end of the day, how else did my hat end up there?   A little boy might think he saw an owl wink at him and decide that it is just how Owls are – they wink.  But somewhere deep down in his heart, he believed that the Owl was trying to tell him something.  What was it trying to say?”

Adults will sometimes say that they know what is true and what is not true but then they surround themselves in made up things and ideas.  Taxes, bath rooms, Presidents Day, grammar, lists of foods that make you live longer – all of it lives in their imagination, but they say that it is real. Perhaps you’ve noticed, however, that it never stays real.  The moment we try to pin something down as a fact, it wiggles and transforms into something else.  Pluto was a planet, now it is something else.  Columbus was a hero then he was a scoundrel, then a hero again.  We all believed in fairies and then some of us changed our mind.  I still believe.  I believe in alchemy and birthday wishes and unicorns.  And why shouldn’t I?  Everything else is just as unbelievable.  I sit and watch fireworks every year with all of you.  I also drink roasted beans with milk and sugar.  These things are just as unbelievable as pixies and invisibility.”

“So we will begin with an imagination that is as true as you choose it to be.  This is my story of how I became Super, and why I want to help you become Super too.

May your Tuesday be filled with the power of imagination.

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