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Listen to a Sample of “How to Be Super”

“How to Be Super” is a story that David has been developing for years now that is a joyful (and really funny) look at the super powers hiding inside us all. In short it is about a seemingly ordinary husband, father and elementary school teacher who learns that he has the “mark” of a superhero.   The moment he decides to rediscover lost superpowers from his youth, his eyes are opened to community of curious local folk who teach him How To Be Super.

At the bottom of our Stories page, you can listen to a sample of the story

Since the story’s launch last week, the response has been enthusiastic and inquisitive.  We thought we would use this post to answer a few of the common questions.

Many of you were curious about the age range:  “9 and older”.  The age recommendation has less to do with the content and more to do with the complexity of the story.  It is a detailed narrative with more complex characters and relationships.  (That contrasts to the dreamier narratives in So Many Fairies, and the really simple and sweet stories in Martin & Sylvia.)

As for content, there is a some reference to popular superheroes (Aquaman, Wonderwoman, etc..) as well as a quick list of “tough guy” icons like Arnold Schwartzegger and Clint Eastwood – but knowing who they are is not important to the story – it is more of a wink toward the parents listening.

When David performed a version of the story live, the “grown ups” in the room found the story just as inspirational and entertaining as the nine year olds in the room, so we are not surprised that many of you are ordering the story for yourselves rather than for your children.

The story is also a non-traditional (and entertaining) exploration of the four temperaments: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic.  Here they are called the four superhero types: Point, Warden, Tender and Maker – and give a fresh perspective on this classic lens on child development.  Teachers as well as parents may find our version helpful when looking at a child’s strengths and challenges.

We hope to produce more audio books for those of you who have asked for longer stories (for those long car trips) and we so appreciate your note of encouragement and inquiry.

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