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Sparkle Kitchen — sandwich-on-a-stick


Did you know that this week’s At Home with Martin & Sylvia story was entirely inspired by this link from Pinterest?  (Thanks to subscriber Heather R!)   It was!  I spied the image and said to David “that looks like a perfect Martin & Sylvia lunch: sandwich-on-a-stick!”

And so the At Home with Martin & Sylvia story “Sticks” was born.  In this story, everything the brother & sister do has to involve sticks.


After several minutes Momma finally came outside with a big tray.  Sylvia called, “What is the lunch?”

 “Sandwich sticks,” said Momma proudly as she entered the forest.  Martin and Sylvia came out of their stick house to investigate.

 “What is a sandwich stick?” asked Martin with a smile.  He peeked in the tray. 

Momma demonstrated, “Sandwiches on a stick – see?  Here is the bread, the meat, the vegetables – and you can squirt the mustard over the top.” 

Brother and sister investigated, and sure enough, there were all the ingredients of sandwiches but skewered on a thin stick – like a kabob.  They laughed and licked their lips.


Ingredients that we used:

french bread
smoked turkey (nitrate-free)
red pepper
raw cheddar cheese
wooden skewers

Other possibilities:

or any vegetable you can pop on a skewer
sandwich bread
tofu or tempeh
nut butters
any variety of cheese
home-cooked turkey or chicken

Cut the ingredients into skewer-able pieces, and slide them onto the sticks in varying patterns.   Use small cookie cutters for ultra-clever effects.

Super Healthy Kids suggests sticking them in a pot as an arrangement and serving.  But our kids were thrilled to scoop them up and munch them right off the plate.


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