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Brand New Sample for the Brand New Series: “Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures!”

The newest Martin & Sylvia Subscription Series – “More Adventures!” — starts next week! (Hooray!)

But we simply couldn’t wait until then to share a little taste!

BELOW is the Sample Story!
Listen or Download for Free!

The story is called “Everywhere Explorers“.  And everyone in the family will enjoy it!

When Martin and Sylvia play “explorers”, they don their special hats and venture happily into the back yard or surrounding forest with their eyes and ears ready to discover something new.   But their sense of adventure is put to the test when they are told they need to spend a whole day in Momma’s office.  “Explorers always find something exciting everywhere they go,” says Daddy.  But brother and sister are not so sure.  Could they really be explorers – everywhere?

This new Subscription Series will feature all the little (and big) adventures that Martin and Sylvia take throughout the seasons.  Whether they are turning the apple tree into a hot air balloon, or turning the town upside down for a treasure hunt, there’s sure to be a lot of fun and delight.  Join us for a whole fresh year of stories!

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Are you new to Martin & Sylvia?  Or do you have friends that haven’t yet met Martin and Sylvia, and you’d like to introduce them?

Well, then there are lots of Martin & Sylvia stories to listen to for Free!  (Or almost Free!)

1.  There’s a Free Sample on the Martin & Sylvia page.

2. There’s a Free Sample on the At Home with Martin & Sylvia page.

3.  And if you want 3 hours of Martin & Sylvia for nearly-free, then there’s THIS: 
$1 for one whole month
of both of the original Martin & Sylvia Subscription Series, plus The Willowbee Tree Series.  (It’s called our “Simple Days, Endless Adventures” Package.  And it’s just $1 for 4 hours of excellent audio stories!)

Please do SHARE this with friends and family — whoever you think would enjoy Martin & Sylvia too! 

(Your good recommendation is how Sparkle grows!  It makes a huge difference for us.)

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HERE is the download!  Enjoy!

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