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Free “Martin & Sylvia” Story for Summertime!

In celebration of all of summertime’s delights and wonders, here’s our Free Martin & Sylvia Story!

It’s called “Summer Magic”.

Summer is filled with such excitement!  There is so much fun to be had on the long, sunny days.  When Martin and Sylvia’s Uncle Phil comes for a visit, the children are particularly excited – as they love his magical stories and games.  But oh, how hard it is to go to bed at the end of a wonderful summer day!  It takes a special gift — one that only summer offers — to help Martin and Sylvia settle down for a summer’s sleep.


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If you would like more Summertime fun with Martin and Sylvia, then try Martin & Sylvia‘s Summer Adventures Audio Book!

It’s a BRAND NEW Audio Book!   Perfect for summer travels or lazy afternoons.

Included are three delightful stories about brother and sister’s summer adventures.

You see, this summer, Martin and Sylvia received a special invitation….  (And it involves Mermaids….!) 

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10 thoughts on “Free “Martin & Sylvia” Story for Summertime!

  1. thank you! my little girls are so excited to listen to their free story! we already subscribe to martin and sylvia so this is a real treat for them.

  2. I love these stories so much! Love, Ronan

    I really love these stories they are the best ones I’ve ever heard. Love, migraine

    thank you!

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