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sparkle crafts – gratitude tree


A Gratitude Tree.  How simple and lovely is that?

We got inspired when a subscriber sent us her family’s Thanksgiving Tree (on which Sparkle was one of the notes of thanks!). 


Isn’t that dear?  We were so honored and touched.

Seeing as it’s November, and our focus at Sparkle is Gratitude and Giving Thanks, we thought we’d create our own! 

A few branches from the backyard, and some simple gift tags, and voila.  A sweet tree of gratitude.


How we did it:

I placed a few sapling branches in a vase in the corner of our living room (weighted down with stones and water).

Then I brought some colored pencils and some blank tags to the table after dinner one night, and I started in writing things that I was grateful for.  It only took a moment before everyone was loving (LOVING) writing their own tags. 

By the end, we were all glowing with thankfulness, and a little tickled at reading each others’ tags on the tree.

(David wrote things like: “She said ‘yes’.”   My older son listed all the dogs we’ve owned and loved.  My younger son thanked the very sapling that was now holding the tags.)


Do make your own!  It doesn’t matter if it’s sapling branches or cardboard or felt.  (BTW Pinterest is FULL of variations on the same theme. )

Simple or complex, this a satisfying, heart-filling sort of project.  Perfect for November!


5 thoughts on “sparkle crafts – gratitude tree

  1. This is wonderful! My family has a little ritual we do every night before bedtime. We light a candle and each of us remembers one moment we were grateful for during the day, and one moment that was fun/special. Oftentimes we’re grateful for having had a cozy moment snuggled listening to a Sparkle Story :) I am consistently bowled over by the simple joy my young’un takes in life…”I am thankful we had a cozy fire today,” “I am thankful we had such a yummy dinner.”

    Beautiful times!

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