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We made the iTunes best list for 2013!

best of iTunes 2013-1

I came down the stairs on Tuesday night, to find David agape at the computer.

He pointed to an email on the screen.

This is what it said:

Congratulations!  Your podcast, Sparkle Stories, has been selected for iTunes Best of 2013!


Here’s what that means:
Out of over 250,000 podcasts on iTunes, they picked 12 to be in the NEW THIS YEAR category.  Twelve.

And we are one of them.

Not only that, but we are the ONLY Podcast to represent the Kids & Family category.

This is huge news for us.  Huge.

But do you know who we owe that award to? 


When we first launched the Podcast, you jumped right in. You subscribed, you reviewed, you shared.  And the iTunes team took immediate note.  First we made the #1 slot in Kids & Family, then we were named “New & Noteworthy”.  And now this.


(Find the iTunes feature HERE.)

So as we close this year, we send an enormous thank you to you, our Sparkle circle.   We are deeply deeply deeply grateful.

May these last weeks of December be filled with all things good!

Haven’t found the Sparkle Stories Podcast on iTunes yet?

One thought on “We made the iTunes best list for 2013!

  1. Congratulations David & Lisbeth! You guys so deserve this recognition! You have brought so much love & light into our lives with your beautiful stories & I believe into so many other people’s lives around the world. Well done!!!!

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