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A Sparkle Valentines!

Oh yes you are!

Happy Valentines Day
from all of us at Sparkle!

Let’s celebrate

a set of

Simply print, cut, color and send!


(You can also find all three stories on the Sparkle iTunes Podcast!)


1.  “The Caster’s Secret”
from the
by Thistle by Thimble Audio Story Series

In an age when trades were passed on exclusively from fathers to sons, a famous plaster caster teaches everything he knows to his daughter. As he gets older and less able to work, his daughter secretly takes on more and more work.  After her father dies, a Duke’s son arrives at the workshop’s door with a very lucrative opportunity. The caster’s daughter is faced with a difficult decision: tell the Duke’s son the truth, or pretend like her father is still alive and take the job.

NOTE: This is one of Lisabeth’s all-time favorite stories!  Be sure to listen along with your children!

Download The Casters Secret

To learn more about the by Thistle by Thimble Audio Story Series, click HERE!

2.  “Valentines Day”
from the Junkyard Tales Audio Story Series

The Junkyard animals celebrate their love for each other with a Valentines Gift Exchange.  Every one draws a name from a hat.  When Ben Thompson, curious cat, picks the name of Georgia Bean,  kindly rat, he panics.  Georgia Bean is like a mother to all the animals!  There’s no one better at being kind, caring and generous.  What could he possibly give her?

To learn more about the Junkyard Tales Audio Story Series, click HERE

3.  “Cupid’s Little Brother”
from the So Many Fairies Audio Story Series

When we think of Valentines Day, we often think of Cupid – the magical little cherub shooting arrows of love to unsuspecting youths.  But did you know he had a little brother named Eris?  Like most brothers, Cupid and Eris has some things and common and some things that are very different.  Well, this story is about how one of those differences changed the course of ‘love’ forever. 


Download Cupids Little Brother

To learn more about the So Many Fairies Audio Story Series, click HERE!

Have you heard the Martin & Sylvia Valentines Audio Book yet?


Well then, let us make it
half off through Valentines Day
so you can!

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  1. thanks for the valentine (i just bought it yesterday), but i appreciate the link to “cupid’s little brother” which we haven’t heard yet!

  2. I love the valentines! The Martin and Sylvia Valentine Audio book is “the best Martin and Sylvia ever” according to my four-year old. She’s listend to it every day this week and has plans for Valentine totes of her own.

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