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sparkle craft – birthday magic: candles

Sarah Jane makes a special wish in “The Magic Candles” this week in So Many Fairies, inspiring a certain fire fairy into creating birthday magic action. We, in turn, are inspired to share our favorite birthday candle-making projects for your own magical party lights. I’m quite sure we love candles as much as we love garlands in this house, and if you’ve been following along, you know that’s some big love.

We love to make beeswax candles of any size, but birthday candles are especially gratifying because they take only minutes to make and with only a small investment in materials, you can create a large enough pile for many a future celebration in one session!

Follow this tutorial from farmish momma and you’ll have a pile of candles in no time.

For a no-prep candle craft, rolling candles from beeswax sheets is our hands-down favorite method and it’s instant-gratification for kids. This is a great method to choose for last-minute gifts any time of the year, or for a birthday party activity before cake is served. Our favorite sources for beeswax sheets are A Toy Garden, Magic Cabin, Ruhl Bee Supply and Betterbee. You can find them at craft stores, as well. For birthday candles, you only need a 2″ or 3″ x 2″ piece, so one sheet could make up to eight candles.I like to make a whole rainbow to stash away for special days.

You can find tutorials for rolling candles here and here, and a short and sweet video here (but I would suggest placing your wick at the edge of one side of the sheet, rather than in the middle). You can also use beeswax sheets to make full-size candles or tealights for party decorations, so it’s just nice to have the supplies around in general, and quite economical as compared to purchasing pure beeswax candles.

Another great idea for using beeswax sheets comes from a back-issue of Living, and it’s definitely one for the Inspiration File. This link doesn’t provide a full tutorial, but there is enough information to go on for creating candles of any of your favorite shapes, or even spelling your child’s name in lights! I love this idea of simply taking a cookie cutter to a beeswax sheet and sandwiching a wick in between two cut-outs. You could also decorate the cut-outs with scraps and extra pieces of beeswax in contrasting colors. Check the link for photos and ideas!

Continuing with the cookie cutter theme, here’s another bonus project to create with small hands. You can find a tutorial here for a fun cut-out candle project, but with a wax mixture that gives you a thicker candle that looks sweet enough to eat! The wick is short, so they don’t burn long, but they make an impressive display.

Whichever method you choose, we hope you enjoy making some fire-magic for your next special day!

Shannon Herrick is a mixed media artist and farmer, navigating the wilderness of modern life from a Little House in the Young Woods of southern Vermont.  She spins yarn and tales, makes snow angels and reads fortunes in cups of hot cocoa. Musings and otherness can be found at, and her turf on Etsy is here:


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