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A little contest: your voice on “Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!”

We just came up with a really fun contest idea.

rp_291f6b3d-104e-4ed1-8cbf-c7ae51f98df9.pngDo you know how each of the Sparkle stories ends with a particular little ‘story tag’ read by Lisabeth?

“This has been an original story from Sparkle Stories of….”

I’ll bet you know it by heart.

For the month of July,
each of the new Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!  stories is going to end with the voice of a Sparkler!

We’ll choose 4 winning families  — one for each week of July — and invite you to do your own short recording. 

You’ll get to say your name(s), and your home town or state, and then you can share the special ‘story tag’. 

For example:

“This is Anika from Vancouver.  This has been an original story…”

“Our names are Paul and Celia, and we live in sunny Florida!  This has been an original story… “

“This is Jed and I’m a Sparkler in Sydney, Australia. This has been an original story…”

Your voice will be heard by thousands of Sparkle families around the world!

This contest is now closed!
Thanks for entering! 

Congratulations to the families of Deborah, Kathy S, Angela and Tamara.
Watch for an email with details about recording your family’s voices.


How to enter this contest? 

Three ways:

1. For one entry, share about the new Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! Series

You can put it on Facebook, tweet about it, blog about it, or email friends and family.  Then write one comment below to let us know what you did.

2.  For a second entry, do one of the crafts from the new Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!  Series, and share about it.

You can do one of the Printable Project Pages (here or here, plus a new one on Friday), or one of the fun Saturdays! Crafts on the Sparkle Blog. (here or here, and a new one coming on Friday!)

Then tell a friend about it, pop a photo on Facebook, or write your own blog post about it!  Let us know, but putting a separate comment below.

3.  For a third entry, subscribe to the Series! 

If you’ve already subscribed, you’ve got one in your pocket.  If not, join up!  Then make a separate comment right below. 

Three fun and easy ways to enter!

THE DETAILS: This contest will run to midnight EST on Friday, June 6th.  You can make up to three entries (three comments below) between now and then.  The four winners will be notified on Saturday, June 7th. 

Good luck, and have fun!

ABOUT Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!

Saturdays are special days for our creative brother and sister. From enormous art projects in their own backyard to “explorers” adventures up Mooseberry mountain; from mornings of quiet building along the creek, to whole-family canning adventures in the kitchen, the children find fun and inspiration at every turn.



EACH WEEK there are

1.  A FRESH STORY about brother and sister’s adventures.
2.  A CRAFT or PROJECT on the Sparkle Blog inspired by the week’s story.
3. And a PRINTABLE PROJECT PAGE for more creative fun.


SUBSCRIBE and fill your week with Martin & Sylvia-style fun!

73 thoughts on “A little contest: your voice on “Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!”

  1. My girls are so excited about the new series! They cannot get enough of Martin and Sylvia. I have given subscriptions to your stories as birthday gifts. Thank you!

  2. Just shared on Facebook! Our new story series fir this year was the new junkyard but I’m sure martin and Sylvia have been having a lot of fun too!

  3. I shared on FB – we love Sparkle Stories. My 5 yr old listens almost daily whenever I put the baby down for a nap. We also loved your Advent series. He listens and re listens to them very frequently, no matter the season. :)

  4. we are so excited about this opportunity, as my daughter LOVES sparkle stories and even recited the piece at the end tonight at dinner when we told her about this.
    entry #1: i just shared about the saturday series on my Facebook page and twitter — i’m a waldorf mom and art therapist who runs a blog that inspires creativity for young children called paintcutpaste, so i shared it on my Facebook page. more entries to come… ;)

  5. I printed out the flower coloring page and left it on my daughter’s art table for her to see in the morning when she wakes up! We also really love to make fairy boats, and we use colorful washi tape for sails. we play with them in a little lake at a nearby park.

  6. We LOVE sparkle stories! Our 7 year old listens to them every day. We live in Australia and have been doing our best to spread the word with everyone we know. We have emailed our friends to let them know how awesome we think you are.

  7. Shared Eli’s many badges inspired by printable and story. He wanted to have a party where every one of his friends could wear a badge that celebrates their individual talent! Great fun! Thank you.

  8. We just ordered Martin & Sylvia Saturdays. Thank you so much! My son and daughter just LOVE Sparkle stories and are excited about the contest =)

  9. We subscribed to Martin and Sylvia: Saturdays. How could I not when my 5 yo was jumping down on the couch with excitement when he heard about it! :)

  10. We love Sparkle Stories! We just subscribed to the new Saturday Stories and have told friends about it and emailed the link. Thanks for all you do!

  11. We spent this afternoon making a Spring Fairy Boat, and we shared on Facebook. My daughter is REALLY excited about the contest. She listens to Sparkle Stories to fall asleep at night, and she called me in and told me to “put on my listening ears” so I could hear about the contest.

  12. We have already subscribed to the frees stories. My 6 year old loves the stories and anxiously awaits a new one each week. Thank Sparkle Stories!

  13. My girls enjoyed making their own Explorer Badges. We laminated them in contact paper after they were colored.

  14. We just subscribed to this new series! Martin & Syliva have been a life saver during our 5 yr old, Ezra’s, hospital stays for cardiac issues! Thank you!

  15. Shared on Facebook, Twitter and sent an email to our friends and son’s nursery class about Sparkle Stories

  16. My son told his whole playgroup (and parents) that he can’t go to sleep without listening to your stories.

  17. As mother of two Sparkle lovers and an assistant teacher at a Waldorf inspired playgroup in Brooklyn, NY I often find myself talking about your stories and recommending particular ones. Our family is on our second round of triple subscriptions. Glad there will be a new Martin & Sylvia series for our next round! I send Sparkle as gifts to my niece and nephew in Australia.

  18. my 6 year old daughter would L O V E this as she makes her own ‘sparkle stories’ using the voice memo on my phone ! we have emailed lots of friends and shared on facebook :)

  19. My daughter loves Martin and Sylvia and has even made up a little song to their “theme song”. Sharing on FB

  20. We subscribed to Saturdays yesterday…love the companion craft/activity!! My daughter feels like Martin and Sylvia are part of our family.

  21. Okay, I just shared it on facebook! I have promoted S.S. on many occasions as they are a critical part of our life and they allow me to cook dinner in PEACE :-).

  22. We were given the sparkle stories as a gift for my daughter’s birthday. Since then we have recommended to friends and the stories have become part of our morning carpool routine. We live about exactly a story away from school!

  23. We made a family mural (though our little one wanted to most of it on his own) and posted a picture on Facebook. (Thanks for the idea!) I’ve told so many friends about Sparkle Stories — we love all of the stories and now have four (!) subscriptions!

  24. We are excited to subscribe! and I shared the new series on my FB page. Thank you for bringing us So Many great stories every week.

  25. Our family now has a whole set of Explorer’s badges and wear them whenever we go out on a hike and even to the beach where we explored tide pools. We plan to make them for our extended family members too. Moses, our 3 year old, just shared his explorer badge at preschool today. We also plan to give a gift subscription to a friend on her 5th birthday this weekend. My boys consider Martin and Sylvia to be friends of theirs, and we are excited for more stories!

  26. And posted a picture of one of the crafts in our kitchen window. Thanks so much for your stories, our children love to listen to them and we often get caught up in them also.

  27. Just shared on FB how much we enjoy your stories. My almost 4 year old had listened to Daddycation without me. But said I must listen because she wants to be in the stories in July. I didn’t understand until I saw the news letter. What a fun idea!

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