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sparkle kitchen – muesli (easiest breakfast ever)

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Sylvia may say “I don’t like muesli!” on her grumpiest of days, but the truth is both Martin and Sylvia love muesli.

As grumpy as they both were, however, they couldn’t help but enjoy the muesli.  It was cool and sweet and chewy, and very pleasant to eat. They did feel a little better after they ate, and willingly cleaned their places and got ready to go outside.

“Grumpy Day”,  At Home with Martin & Sylvia

Who wouldn’t love muesli?  Particularly during the warmest days.  Made with oats and yogurt, both dried and fresh fruits, and served cold, it’s really delicious.  (Or, as Sylvia might say, “really really really delicious.”)

Best of all: it’s EASY.  Mix, refrigerate, serve.

Here’s how to whip up our version:

2 cups quick or rolled oats
2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1 cup whole milk yogurt
1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup raisins
1/3 cup chopped almonds
2 tsp vanilla extract
fresh fruit to top

 muesli | | sparkle kitchen

Mix all ingredients but the fresh fruit.  It will look something like this:

IMG_9781 muesli | | sparkle kitchen

Not lovely really, but here’s what’s next:

Place it in a sealed container and refrigerate it overnight or for up to a day
(particularly if you’re using rolled oats and not quick oats).

And in the morning, pull it from the fridge and serve with sliced fresh fruits.  Easy!

 muesli | | sparkle kitchen

We used strawberries and blueberries, and added some dried banana for crunch.

 muesli | | sparkle kitchen

But, as a variation, you can use apples, pears, any sort of berry.  I’ve even seen pineapple.

Same goes for the nuts and dried fruits: you could add walnuts and dried apricots.   Or sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.  Or flax seeds and dried mango.

Try coconut milk instead of almond milk, or whole cow milk if you’re feeling traditional.  Some recipes use fruit juice!  Let your imagination run wild and change it up each week.  Muesli magic!

And if you’re dairy-free (like I am), set aside a serving before you add the yogurt.  And toss in some extra nuts for protein, and a 1/2 tsp lemon juice to help the oats soften.  Lovely.

I do believe it’s the easiest breakfast ever.  Outside of buttered toast, or maybe cold cereal.  But it’s got oodles more nutrients, and it’s made with whole foods.   Easy, nutritious, yummy.


9 thoughts on “sparkle kitchen – muesli (easiest breakfast ever)

    • Yay! So glad. We even ate it for snack yesterday afternoon. I was glad I made a double batch! (I had a pack of boys.)

    • Yay! So glad. We even ate it for snack yesterday afternoon. I was glad I made a double batch! (I had a pack of boys.)

  1. I’m betting Martin & Sylvia like flax seed sprinkled on cereal & yogurt. Yummy! (and good for you!)

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