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Junkyard Tales

ages 5 to 10

Benjamin Thompson is an unusual name for a cat. But then Ben is an unusual cat. Whether by fate or by folly, he finds a home in an unusual place – a Junkyard. And there he finds his place in a community of delightfully unusual friends: a steadfast watchdog, a refined rat, a silly skunk, a wise old possum, and a host of helpful mice. Junkyard Tales delights in the joys, challenges, and adventures of friendship, community, and doing good in the world.

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Junkyard Tales Subscription $7.00/month

Follow a year in the life of Benjamin Thompson – the clever cat who can always sniff out something exciting. And meet all of his extraordinary buddies, as together they explore the adventures and joys of life in their unusual home – the Junkyard!

Single Story

Audio Books:

Junkyard Tales Halloween Audio Book $6.00

Three stories of adventure (and laughter) with the Junkyard Tales animals, as they create a Halloween Festival for animals in the neighboring town!

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Our favorite Junkyard friends are preparing for a Halloween Festival for their friends from the neighboring town!  Enjoy these three stories, filled with Halloween fun and adventures.

Part One:  "Cat-loween!"

Benjamin Thompson, the Junkyard's clever cat, invites his friend Cowboy - a black cat from town - to the Junkyard Halloween festival.  When Cowboy asks if he can bring a "few friends", the rest of the Junkyard animals decide to design the entire event just for the visiting cats.  The mice pick the name "Cat-loween" for their honored guests. 

Part Two:  "The Three Little Kittens and the Big Bad Skunk"

Mr. Flinch comes up with an idea for a story they could dramatize for the visiting cats.  The premise sounds like an awful like a famous children's story, but Mr. Flinch claims that it is entirely original. There is much to do before the big Halloween event: creating the costumes, building the sets and learning lines -- the whole Junkyard is a-bustle with Halloween preparations!

Part Three:  "Halloween Surprises"

Right before the cats arrive, the steadfast watchdog informs the others that the brush pile (home to the mice and one of the Halloween sets) is going to be removed by the Junkyard workers.  The animals scramble to adjust the plans.  But this is not the only Halloween surprise the evening has in store!

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Junkyard Tales "All Belong" Audio Book $6.00

A stray puppy with no home and no name helps the Junkyard animals all understand that "All Belong"

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In the Junkyard, home of a happy group of unusual animals, there are a few important rules: the animals take care of each other - and all must remain hidden from the Warden.  When a new animal comes to the Junkyard, a sweet puppy without a home or a name, another rule comes to fore:  All Belong. 
Chapter One: "The Puppy"
In this chapter, we are introduced to a stray puppy with no name.  She is adorable, however, and nearly every one of the animals falls instantly in love with her.  Spiro, the fun loving skunk, however, is not so impressed.
Chapter Two: "What To Do?"
In this chapter, the puppy is discovered by the Warden and given her name: Whinny.  Then the Junkyard animals learn some unfortunate news - the Warden is going to take her to the Humane Society where she can find a new home!
Chapter Three: "A Pleasant Surprise"
In this chapter, Spiro - who previously wanted nothing to do with Whinny - comes to the rescue and creates a plan that will bring Whinny back to the Junkyard. 

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Junkyard Tales: The Great Mudball Tournament $6.00

A story in three parts about competition, teamwork and always remembering why we play games: for the FUN of it!

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When Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard watchdog, tells the other animals that they have been invited to a "mudball" tournament in town, their favorite game no longer feels quite so fun. This is especially the case for Spiro, the fun loving skunk, and the team's coach.  Luckily Dizzy, one of the mice -  and a huge mudball enthusiast - inspires everyone with her authentic love of the game.  

This Audio Book addresses healthy competition, winning and losing, what it is to lead a team, and what it is to play on a team: skills useful for anyone who loves to play games.

Part One:  The Star Formation

The Junkyard animals nominate Spiro the fun loving skunk to be the mudball team captain - but Spiro is more worried about disappointing his friends than how to enjoy the tournament.  This story focuses on the challenges that come with comparisons and expectations.

Part Two: The Other Teams

Spiro and Dizzy see two of the other teams play, and realize their initial game plan might not work.  This story focuses on how the best coaching is not simply having a game plan, but recognizing the unique potential of each and every team member.

Part Three: The Back Up Plan

When the animals finally go to the tournament, Spiro's desire to win clouds his judgment as a coach.  Only when he lets go of his plan, does he remember what he loves about mudball.  This story focuses on how 'not wanting to lose' often distracts you from the most important part of playing games: having fun.

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Sample Pack

Sample Pack:

Junkyard Tales Sample Pack $6.00

These three sample stories are like those you'll find in a subscription to Junkyard Tales!

The Rowlands

Ben Thompson, clever cat, has just found himself plopped into the new and mysterious world of the Junkyard, where he has been introduced the remarkable animal friends that call the Junkyard home. Not all of the Junkyard creatures are day lovers however! On his first night there, Ben is surprised to encounter the Rowlands, a family of French Canadian raccoons that first shock and then delight him. And oh la la! How the Raccoon family is tickled by this new and curious cat!

Mr. Flinch

Things can change quickly in the Junkyard. This one of the lessons that Ben Thompson, clever cat and newcomer, learns on his first full day in this new world. But the Junkyard friends know just how to join together and prepare for any change. Ben meets the entire menagerie of Junkyard critters, including the grandfatherly possum Mr. Flinch, as they prepare for the abrupt removal of Mr. Flinch's much-loved home!

The House of Chairs

Mr. Flinch, the Junkyard's grandfatherly possum, has lost his Junkyard home. The pile of cars — that he once called his own — has been hauled off. The Junkyard friends must find him a new house! But it won't be easy. Mr. Flinch needs his home to be just-so. Ben Thompson, clever cat, is new to the Junkyard; but that doesn't stop his determination to help his new friend by discovering just the right spot. And it's a place that no one else could possibly imagine!