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Support for Children with the War on Ukraine - New Story

Here's a NEW soothing story – "Pomichnik the Steppe Lemming" — to support children and families with the war on Ukraine.

The Castlechanter Fairy Printable Advent Calendar

Take a peek at our printable Castlechanter Fairy Advent Calendar. The fairies and elves here at Sparkle have been hard at work creating this Sparkle Audio Advent Calendar. Each day, starting from December 1 through 25, listen to a story a day and open a door to go along.

Meet "Libby & Dish"

We've created three sweet stories to introduce the characters in their urban world. Would you like to have a taste?

Current Live Stories!

Here are recordings of the live stories David has been telling these past few weeks!

Two Stories to Help Kids with Shelter-in-Place

Once we realized that this is going to be a long haul, and not just several weeks of quarantine, David jumped to writing new stories.

Our Three Audio Advent Calendars (First Stories are FREE)

Learn all about our three Audio Advent Calendars!

Helping Children with Fear at Halloween

We have found that stories are the most effective and enduring way to help children process — and then release — these images so they can enjoy all the magic and fun the season has to offer. Here are two stories that we think might help.

A Libby & Dish Story for Conservation Week!

This week at Sparkle, we're looking at one thing each of us can do to help our beautiful planet. There are so many small things we can change to help the earth be healthier and cleaner and happier.

Announcing: Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club!

We are so excited to launch our newest collection for December: Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club!

For Our Californian Friends: a Story about Fire and Loss

The images are all over the news, and stories of the blaze are surely being talked about at school — so we encourage you all to meet your child's natural anxiety and fear with empathy, reassurance and then, if appropriate, some agency.

Community: What We Are Learning from the Austin Bombings

Over the past 3 weeks, Austin has been on edge as bomb after bomb has killed or injured people around the city. People have been afraid and confused and not sure what to do.

Building Resilience After Sudden Tragedy

It will take a long time for the people of Texas to recover from the church shooting in Sutherland Springs. There will be strong emotions and a flood of support (as was the case after the Houston flood) — but there will also be a deep desire to find meaning. How did this happen? What do we need to do to make sure this never happens again?

“Helpers”: How to Support Children in the Wake of Natural Disasters

We live on this planet, and this planet is alive.

Storybox Playlist SPECIAL: Immigration Stories

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to remember our common history. Here are a few stories to help us remember.

Tips for Creating Your Own Family Day of Rest

Start your own family day of rest for the new year! The main idea is to create a special day to slow down, spend time together, and recharge.

A NEW Hanukkah Story — Little Hammer, the Nubian Ibex

This week at Sparkle we are excited to honor and celebrate the "Festival of Lights" with this NEW Hanukkah story.

Sparkle Stories for Advent (including 2 Free Stories!)

We offer nearly 100 audio stories for Christmas and Advent!

Announcing: the Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

We are so excited to launch our newest collection for Advent: The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

Find Calm, Reach Out, and Then — Do Something Brave

Let us take a moment to find calm.

Healing the National Rift — A Story to Help Children & Families Post-Election

How do you bridge the gap?

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