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Bulk Subscriptions for Teachers & Schools!

Bulk Subscriptions for Teachers & Schools!

Are you teaching to your class online this year? Does your school need curriculum for their younger students? Sparkle Stories can help.


As you know our stories are not only entertaining, but they are filled with seeds of learning, whether it be about the natural world, or how to be kind to each other. Some of our stories are directly pedagogical, like our FIFTY history series! We have stories for all ages and with plenty of themes — adventure, animals, magic, fairies, friendship — it's all there! We also have stories that calm and soothe worried minds.


This year we're offering discounted bulk subscriptions to classrooms so teachers can connect with students and families online, through stories. We know teachers are struggling to find ways to engage their students via online learning, and we know stories can help!


If you have a group of 10 or more, and are interested in bulk subscriptions, please reach out to us at and we'll create something that will work for you.

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