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Homeschooling with FIFTY! Learn United States History through Story

Homeschooling with FIFTY!  Learn United States History through Story

This year is a wonderful year to learn about our great country and all the states that make it up.


Whether you are homeschooling or online schooling and want to help supplement your child's learning, our FIFTY series is an excellent way to start.

What is the FIFTY Series?


FIFTY is a collection of 50 stories for all fifty states of the Unites States (plus five extras for the Territories).


The stories take children ages 8 and older on a journey through the American Experiment, state by state.


Each story looks at a state’s history through the lens of “regular folk”: rebels, industrialists, foresters, farmers, immigrants from every corner of the planet, and Native folk who have been here for a very long time. Your child will meet them all in a moment of true citizenship — when they make the American Experiment their own.

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Plus there's a study guide!

Each story is accompanied by study notes featuring further lessons in American history, geography, and civics, along with themes to support a child’s growth and development.


We’ve compiled them all into a printable guide that divides each story into three parts.

FIFTY study guide sample for Blog

The study guide includes:

  • A story summary for parents who may not have time to listen along with their kiddos
  • Topics for academic exploration to study further with your child
  • Child development themes that provide life lessons with specific examples of how the characters encountered them
  • That’s why we love FIFTY so and think you will too: in addition to educating, our characters and their stories can help you guide your child as they navigate the complexities of being human.


What's the best way to use the stories and the study guide in my homeschooling?

In our home we started by putting up a big map on the wall and listened to the story from our state first. While we listened each child drew a picture of the state. Afterwards, we used the suggestions from the PDF as discussion starters.


Download the PDF HERE.

Stream the whole collection!

Subscribers can find the full collection HERE.

Buy the whole collection in the Sparkle Store.

The FIFTY collection is also available for purchase in our Sparkle Store and comes with a study guide inspiring further lessons and offering themes and ideas that can support children's growth and development.

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