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nature school project- evergreen paint brushes

nature school project- evergreen paint brushes

In this Martin & Sylvia Nature School story "Evergreen Brushes", Daddy realizes that he left the paint brushes in his studio in town, he is not sure how to do his planned lesson for Nature School. Luckily Sylvia's friend Sofia comes up with an idea - why don't we make some? And what happens next is not only fun, but beautiful.

Making evergreen brushes like Sylvia and Sofia is just as easy as it sounds. Even here in the deserts of Tuscon we have evergreen trees. Evergreens are the trees that have needle like leaves. Each species of tree makes a different and interesting brush. You'll want to collect three or four different types of evergreens to make these paint brushes. We used juniper, ponderosa, pinion pine. Take a walk around your neighborhood and see what you can find!

evergreen brushes kc 2
  • 3-4 evergreen bows

  • 3-4 eight inch long sticks

  • twine

  • scissors

  • paper

  • paint
    evergreen brushes kc 4

Ever Green Paint Brushes


Once you have collected your evergreen needles gather all the materials together.

evergreen brushes kc 5
Cut the needles down to a managable size, I would say no longer than 3-5 inches. Cut a piece of twine about 10 inches long then gather one kind of needles and place them at the end of the stick. Hold the needles and the stick together and wrap the twine tightly around both the needles and the stick and tie a tight knot. Repeat with the other kinds of evergeeen needles.
evergreen brushes kc 6
When your brushes are ready, put down a large piece of paper. We used normal white butcher paper that you get at a craft store. On a plate or in cups put a lot of paint of your child's choice. Then let them explore.
evergreenbrushes kc 1
Each type of needle will make a different brush stroke!

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