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sparkle craft: diy face masks

sparkle craft: diy face masks

You probably have read about the shortage of masks in the world — a particular concern for healthcare professionals. In order to save the medical-grade masks for those who really need them, I have been making my own masks. This allows me to wear a mask for the protection of myself and others while also conserving resources for the medical community. Plus, they are easy and fun to make. A win-win!

You can read more about the ways a homemade mask can help protect you and your loved ones from the spread of Covid-19, but the general consensus is that homemade masks are beneficial for the community at large. Wear one to protect the elderly and the immuno-compromised. Flatten the curve!

Many people are making masks for their local hospitals. If you feel like this is something you want to do, contact your local hospital or this database first to see if they are in need of masks and whether or not they need to be able to insert a carbon filter in them or not.

The other nice thing about homemade masks is that you can customize them and use fun fabrics! It feels a little less scary to wear a mask decorated with flowers or circles or birds.

That being said, let’s get our crafting on!

diy facemask|
### DIY Face Masks

Materials: - Two pieces of quilting cotton or old T-shirts cut into a 9x8” rectangle - Two lengths of elastic cut to 10” (possibly smaller for children)


diy facemask 3|

Start by cutting out your fabric rectangles and the length of elastic.

diy facemasks 4|

Place the fabric pieces right sides together. Line them up so that the longer side is the vertical side. Place the elastics so that one is on the top and the other is on the bottom.

diy facemask5|
diy facemask 6|
Pin all three layers together.
diy facemask 7|
Starting from the middle of the shorter side in between the elastic, begin to sew with a ½” seam allowance. Make sure to backstitch over the elastic before turning the corner.
diy facemask 8|
When you get back to the beginning make sure to stop about 2-3” away from where you started sewing. This opening is how you will turn the mask right side out.
diy facemaks 8 |
Turn the mask right side out
diy facemask 9|
Iron the edges flat and top stitch all the way around making sure to keep the elastics out of the way.
diy facemask 10|
Next come the pleats. Position the fabric once again with the longer side as the vertical side. Fold the fabric up slightly and pin. Then fold again and pin and once more. You’ll have three pleats at the end.
diy facemask 12|
Sew the pleats in place. I went over them twice to reinforce them well.
diy facemask|
Cut off all the little strings and you are done!

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