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sparkle craft: four crafts that are way more fun than screens!

April 24, 2019
sparkle craft: four crafts that are way more fun than screens!

Screen-free days are easy with a few Sparkle crafts. I've rounded up some crafts that take awhile to make and lead to lots of fun afterwards. Each craft has been chosen for different unique interests. Whether you have an artist, a crafter, a scientist, or a tinker, we have something for every kid. If you try one of these crafts, please share with us on the Sparkle Instagram page or on Facebook — after screen-free time is over, of course!

collaborative splatter paint 13 || dry gables; good neighbors
Collaborative Splatter Paint

Splatter paint is an excellent project to take up an afternoon or two. You can paint it all in one day or paint, let it dry, and come back the next day.

Find the tutorial HERE

soda bottle rocket 2 || fifty: the stars, the states, the stories

Soda Bottle Rocket

This activity might keep your kids busy the whole day. You'll want to stock up on the ingredients so they can perform the experiment over and over.

Find the tutorial HERE

simple brushbots 10 || libby & dish

Simple BrushBot

These little robots are great for the kid who love to tinker and make things. You'll need to gather a few materials beforehand, but otherwise these are easy to make and fun to play with!

Find the tutorial HERE


Magically Easy Wand

This craft is for all the magic-lovers. These bring out the true maker in everyone. Your kids will love crafting these and then playing with them all afternoon.

Find the tutorial HERE

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