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sparkle craft halloween special: sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables"

sparkle craft halloween special: sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables"

This year we've created our own Sparkle Story Treat for Halloween!

It makes for an easy Halloween surprise for friends or a treat to hand out on Halloween night. The printables feature a scannable QR code that unlocks a free hour of stories.

If you're hesitating to give candy this year, consider giving a little Sparkle! An introduction to Sparkle Stories is a lovely goody to give your friends, particularly as we get into the colder, darker months of the year.


Print the Color Version HERE.

Print the B&W Version HERE.


sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 16 |

You can simply print them up on paper and hand them out, or you can print them on labels! Our Halloween treats are made to fit Avery 3 x 3.75 inch, print-to-the-edge, rectangular labels (#22823). Pick up a pack at your local copy store, print them out as stickers, and try out a few of these fun ideas.


Here are ten suggestions for how to dress them up:

Idea #1

Stick Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatables" on a pretty piece of patterned cardstock and mix them in with candy in your trick-or-treat bowl.

This is a great non-food option to have on hand if you're concerned about allergies or don't like to have too much extra candy around the house.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 6 |

Tuck Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatables" into a goodie bag.

Whether you're making goodie bags full of candy or you're handing out non-food treats — like stickers and mini-dinosaurs — a Sparkle Halloween treat tucks into a small goodie bag just perfectly.

Idea #2

Attach Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatables" directly to other treats.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 8 |

No goodie bags? No problem! Take your printed stickers and attach them directly to larger treats like cheddar bunnies or granola bars.

Idea #3

Add fun pencils or pens to a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable."

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 15 |

Here, I attached a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" to a piece of cardstock — it's about four inches by six inches — then punched holes in the other side to poke some fun pencils through.

Idea #4

Pair up a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" with stickers or temporary tattoos.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 12 |

Again, attach the Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" sticker to a piece of cardstock, then use washi tape to add stickers or temporary tattoos.

Idea #5

Attach Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatables" to a glider plane.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 10 |

While I usually dislike plastic “kid junk” that quickly ends up in the trash, glider planes are a definite exception. My kids love putting them together and will play with one for days. Stick a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" to the outer packaging so kiddos can listen while they fly.

Idea #6

Stick Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatables" to a box of crayons.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 1|

Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatables" fit almost perfectly on the back of a standard sized box of crayons. Everybody loves fresh crayons.

Idea #7

Tuck a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" onto the back of a handmade mini-notebook.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 13 |

These little notebooks are a snap to make. Just fold a piece of cardstock in half, cut a few pieces of blank paper to fit inside, and use your sewing machine to quickly stitch a spine. Stick a Sparkle Halloween treat to the back as an extra surprise.

Idea #8

Tie a few glow sticks to a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable."

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 11 |

With daylight savings time about to start, there will be ample opportunity for glow sticks. We love them as nightlights and for special “rock-and-glow” baths. Attach a Sparkle Halloween treat for a story to go with the lights-out fun.

Idea #9

Put a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" on the outside of an envelope with a small craft project inside.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 9 |

A friend of mine and her daughter have begun a practice of listening to a Sparkle Story each Sunday morning while she knits and her daughter makes art. Put a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" on an envelope with materials for simple craft project — like a pipe-cleaner-and-beads bracelet — to follow my friend's model and enjoy this sweet ritual.

Idea #10

Add a Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatable" to a mini-pumpkin as a decoration that will last through Thanksgiving.

sparkle "halloween trick-or-treatables" 14 |

The wonderful thing about pumpkins is that they are still seasonal for Thanksgiving. Tie a Sparkle Halloween treat to the stem of a mini-pumpkin for a little gift that will span both holiday seasons.

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