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sparkle crafts: a round-up of magical crafts

March 25, 2020
sparkle crafts: a round-up of magical crafts

Magicians, wizards, magic tricks, and wands! We've gathered four easy, low-material crafts you can do right at home to bring a bit more magic to your child's creative playtime. If you make any of these please do share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

magician's cloak 10 || by thistle by thimble

Magician's Cape

Capes — they're where it's at. One simple piece of fabric with a tie can transorm a child into the greatest magician or wizard in the universe! This cape is low-sew and quick to make. Heck, you can even use an old towel if you are stuck at home and can't get to the fabric store!

Find the tutorial HERE


Magically Easy Magic Wands

Wands. They're probably the most important thing a magic-wielder needs to have. Go beyond the simple stick with these beautifully crafted wands. All you need is some bamboo skewers, beads, string, glue, and paint. Let your imagination run wild!

Find the tutorial HERE

fairy wands

Fairy Wands

This one is more of kitchen project than a craft, but sometimes baking is crafting ... right? Make these for a fun edible treat the little magicians in your house can enjoy.

Find the recipe HERE

simple magic tricks 12 || at home with martin & sylvia

Simple Magic Tricks

For those kids who want to take their magic beyond wands and capes to real tricks, this tutorial has what you need! With a bit of practice, your child's skills will be receiving ooh's and ahh's in no time.

Find the tutorial HERE

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