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sparkle crafts: crafts and games for at home days

sparkle crafts: crafts and games for at home days

In the past few weeks we've heard lots of talk about school being closed temporarily, afterschool programs being cancelled and adults being asked to work from home if they can. For parents and kids who normally go to school or work, being at home all day can be hard as it's a new routine and not everyone is used to being in the same house 24/7. I've rounded up lots of fun crafts and games that can be done at home with minimal materials using mostly what you already have available.

three paper airplanes 2 || fifty: the stars, the states and the stories
Three Paper Air Planes

These are a timeless activity that has endless possiblities. Flying paper airplanes can happen in the house or in the backyard. You can start with our suggestions and research your own as you want to try more complicated things.

Find the tutorial HERE

indoor obstacle course 2 || the willowbee tree

Indoor Obstacle Course

An indoor obstacle course can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Half the fun is creating the thing. If you are stuck at home let the kids make one that goes all around the house and see what magic is made!

Find the tutorial HERE

recycled castle 12 || by thistle by thimble

Recycled Castle

Making a recycled castle can be so fun! Espcially if you have kids who love fairy tales or are really into fantasy stories. (I'm winking at you Harry Potter fans). This castle can become anything you want it to be. Start from our base and expand out. Maybe add a moat and dragon too!

Find the tutorial HERE

ice boats 7 || so many fairies

Ice Boats

Ice Boats are fun to make in different shapes and sizes. If you have nice weather outside, try filling a tiny pool with water and see how long you can keep them afloat before they melt!

Find the tutorial HERE

sungka 3 || the willowbee tree


Sungka is a “count and capture” or “sowing” game. While it is most traditionally played with shells and a wooden board with seven small “house” pits and two large “head” pits, the number of pits and game pieces used seems to vary in accordance with what's available and convenient.

Find the tutorial HERE

Stick Friends

Nature Sticks are wonderful and one of the best toys a child can have. They can use a stick to make a flag or a magical wand. Long sticks can be turned into a tree fort. Short sticks are perfect for stirring mud pies and drawing in the sand.

Find the tutorial HERE

Collapsible Play Tent Tutorial
Collapsable Play Tent

This tent was a huge part of my children's creative play when they were little. It took me about 15 minutes to put all together and they used it for years.

Find the tutorial HERE

Easy Bath Paint Tutorial
Easy Homemade Bath Paints

This are perfect for cabin fever days. Just keep the use of them in the bathroom and it will be an easy clean up!

Find the tutorial HERE


Making pupets can be so much fun. You could make a marionette for each of the junkyard characters and put on your own play!

Find the tutorial HERE

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