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Sparkle Crafts: Four Crafts to Cool Down With

July 17, 2019
Sparkle Crafts: Four Crafts to Cool Down With

Hot summer days call for water activities. Even if you live in a place where water conservation is key, we have an activity for you that will require minimal water waste. Here are four fun and cool activities to try out!


Mud pies and Mudball Critters

For pretty much forever, animals and humans alike have used mud to cool off. Playling in the mud is not only cooling but a whole lot of fun. I know my kids don't need an excuse to play in it!

Find the tutorial HERE.

pool noodle sprinkler 4| www.sparklestories.com| junkyard tales: all together now

Pool Noodle Sprinkler

This pool noodle sprinkler is a great way to cool off without much water use. You control the amount of water that comes out and duration. Plus running through spraying water is just so fun!

Find the tutorial HERE.

soap boat race 2 |www.sparklestories.com| at home with martin & sylvia

Soap Boat Races

These soap boat races are super fun! The kiddos can create their own boat and flag and your off. This is probably a great activity to do after the mudball critters.

Find the tutorial HERE.

ice boats 7 |www.sparklestories.com| so many fairies

Ice Boats

This is a great activity for the dog days of summer where even the sprinkler isn't enough. making the ice boats is easy. You can use any shape of containter to change the shape of the boat. They will certainly keep little hangs extra cool.

Find the Tutorial HERE

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