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sparkle crafts: super helpful summer crafts

May 29, 2019
sparkle crafts: super helpful summer crafts

How do superheroes have a fun summer? They find ways to help out their friends, family, community, and environment! This summer, we want to encourage your family to find activities and crafts that are fun and helpful. We have many, many crafts here on the Sparkle blog that are both fun and helpful. We've gathered four of them for you. Feel free to try them out and share with us on Instagram or Facebook.

embroidered protest buttons 7 || fifty: the stars, the states, the stories
Embroidered Protest Buttons

Lately there have been lots of reasons to speak out! For families who like to help out the larger community or environment, these little fabric and embroidery buttons are a fun craft.

Find the tutorial HERE

soda bottle rocket 2 || fifty: the stars, the states, the stories

Soda Bottle Rocket

Soda Bottle Rockets are a great way to have fun and recycle. You can go out and collect bottles that people have dropped, use them for these rockets, and then put them in the recycling bin. You could even make an event out of this! Invite friends and neighbors to clean up the neighborhood and then have bottle rocket contests before bringing everything to the recycling center.

Find the tutorial HERE

recycled bird feeder 3  || so many fairies

Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

One of my favorite summer activities it to sit and watch hummingbirds zoom back and forth to the feeder. Hummingbird feeders can be quite expensive, but these DIY recycled ones are great. Not only are you keeping trash out of the landfills, but you are also helping to feed the birds.

Find the tutorial HERE

blessing bags 2 || by thistle by thimble

Blessing Bags

These blessing bags are a great way to help out the homeless community this summer. You can fill them with summer items like sunscreen and bug spray and snacks. Make sure to ask your local shelter what they need most for summer.

Find the tutorial HERE

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