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Storybox Playlist: Boredom is Good

June 8, 2020
Storybox Playlist: Boredom is Good

As a kid when I was bored the response was, "Oh you're bored, I'll give you something to do". The usually meant something I was really not interested in. I'm also an old child and when I was a kid we lived on a ranch 30 miles from the nearest town. No TV, no radio, no computers and no other kids. I had to learn to entertain myself of die of boredom. I read books a lot, became an expert puzzle maker, learned to drive a tractor, hunt for arrowheads, build forts, and learned all about the plants and animals in our area by observing them all the time. I also learned to use a pogo stick to get around just because I was bored one day.

Boredom is an amazing space for free thought. It's uncomfortable at first, but then you start to really think and some really fun ideas pop up. Here's to having the space for boredom and the great things that come from it!

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 A Trip to Boredomville

A Trip to Boredomville

Stillness and Quiet

Stillness and Quiet

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