Download our Back-to-School Guide for Parents and Teachers
This printable guide offers ways for parents and teachers to explore themes such as courage, curiosity, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging with their children.
Free Story #1 – "Mr. Salamander"
"Mr. Salamander" is about a girl named Cami who is to start school for the very first time. She meets Mr. Salamander who transforms her apprehension into excitement.
Free Story #2 – Teeny the Toadlet
When Teeny realizes that going to Toad School includes leaving some of his friends from the pond, and making new friends on land, he grows nervous.
Free Story #3 – Zebra Stripes
Six-year-old Clancy is nervous about starting first grade until he meets a zebra who has similar worries, and the two realize that everyone is unique and special in their own way.
Free Story #4 – The Schoolmaster
Micajah's family has moved many times. His new teacher, Master Simon, enraptures the class with a magical geography lesson that brings a sense of belonging to the whole class.