Frequently Asked Questions

I accidentally deleted the stories I purchased! How do I get them back?

Find the receipt email for your original purchase from the Sparkle Store. There’s a download link within it.

If you can’t find it, email us at! We’ll send it back to you.

Where do I download the stories I just purchased from the Sparkle Store?

You can download the stories you purchased from the Sparkle Store from the receipt email. There you'll find a handy download link.

Can I give Sparkle Stories as a Gift?

Yes, we do have Gift options! You can give Gift Cards to the Sparkle Shop as well as Gift Subscriptions to the Streaming Site. CLICK HERE to find both.

For the stories that I purchase & download in the Sparkle Store, can I play them on the App?

Not currently. At present the Sparkle App is a "player" for stories in the Sparkle subscription service. Only subscribers to the Streaming Site will be able to listen to stories on the iOS and Website Player.

However, in the Sparkle Store you’ll be able to purchase and download any story you’d like, to play on your local player. You can play them directly on your computer, or transfer them to any mobile device to be enjoyed on that device’s player. (Just like you do with songs purchased off of iTunes.)

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