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How to Be Super - Book Two: Light of Olympus

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About How to Be Super - Book Two: Light of Olympus

Light of Olympus is a collection of thrilling stories that continue Dante Lee’s adventure with the Violet Crown — and introduces you to the full circle of modern day Olympians. Dante is charged with the task of uniting the gods for a single purpose: to prepare for battle with The Old Ones.

This collection includes twenty stories - consisting of over 11 hours of content!

Ages 9+



In this collection Dante deepens his understanding of the Four Step Protocol for How to Be Super, and also learns how to make protective shields, track people by their “true scent,” and discern truth from lies by how he feels. He meets Iris, the messenger goddess, who remembers everything — even things long before she was born.

He meets Pan, a wild hitchhiking hotel owner who delivers a haunting message. He also learns about The Old Ones, the Map of Everything, and finds out his parents and grandparents knew a lot more than he first thought!