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Junkyard Tales: All Together Now Series Autumn

$15 Story Series
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About Junkyard Tales: All Together Now Series Autumn

In the Junkyard, Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard Watchdog, insists on two simple rules: take care of each other, and stay out of sight of the Junkyard Warden. Well, like with any diverse community, "taking care" requires generosity, openness, attention and creativity. But for the dog, cat, possum, skunk, rat, mice, rabbit, chipmunk, mole, family of raccoons and beaver brigade, that is how it is when you are "all together". Join the Junkyard crew for adventures, challenges and laughter, as they explore what it means to be a friend, a neighbor and a community.

This is a collection of 13 autumn stories, for the 13 weeks of autumn.