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Sparkle Sleepytime Series: Spring

$15 Story Series
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About Sparkle Sleepytime Series: Spring

Whether it is during the long, active days of summer or the shorter, busy days of winter, sometimes our little ones need some help to slow down. The stories in Sparkle Sleepytime are simple, soft and slow, all told with the aim of welcoming young and old into a time of rest or sleep.

Each features a delightful young animal on a gentle adventure, and each ends with the animals snuggling into their burrows, nests or downy beds, ready to close their eyes and fall asleep.

This Series is perfect for nap-times, quiet times and bedtimes – or any time you want a particularly quiet and soothing story for your little ones!

This is a collection of 13 spring stories, for the 13 weeks of spring.