Let's Take Care of Each Other.

Here at Sparkle we've put together a package of stories and links to fun activities for stuck-at-home families everywhere, plus resources to help with fear and anxiety around COVID-19.

Sparkle Loves to Help
Story Support in Trying Times!

We know that for many, many families, social distancing will present a number of challenges; not to mention there continues to be a growing tide of fear making its way across the world. We want to help in all the ways we can.


Below we share stories and resources to keep your children engaged and inspired. Plus we've included all of our best stories and resources for helping families settle anxiety and fear - for happy, relaxed people have stronger immune systems.


Here's what we recommend: 1. Get calm by listening to stories. 2. Use the stories as reference points for conversation. 3. Share the stories with friends and family.

If you're stuck at home
Stories to Inspire Imaginative Play

Everywhere Explorers

Everywhere Explorers

See More Stories for Boredom

Stuck at Home?
Crafts and Recipes for Home Bound Days

Nine Favorite Outdoor Crafts Round Up

Nine Favorite Outdoor Crafts Round Up

Our best crafts and projects for outdoor fun!

sparkle crafts: let's make fairy houses!  (so the fairies will come!)

sparkle crafts: let's make fairy houses! (so the fairies will come!)

Four fairy-house projects for fairy-loving kids!

Stories can make all the difference. We have seen over and over that a frightened child, a bored child, a frustrated child or an overwhelmed child can listen to a single story well told, and not only be transported, but experience true transformation.
David Sewell McCann, Story Spinner
"The The No-Worry Paw Wash"

A Story to Teach Handwashing!
"The The No-Worry Paw Wash"

The Junkyard has a bad case of the ippy-kacky-woos. But the Rowland raccoon family isn’t worried — they know just how to wash their paws, and they learn a few new games that help them to stay healthy and keep the Junkyard safe for all animals.

The Rowland raccoon family will inspire your young listeners to practice good hygiene in a fear-free environment.

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For Overwhelmed Kiddos
Stories to Soothe Fear & Anxiety

Denny and the Could Bee: A Story for Worrying

Stories for Overwhelm

A Collection Just for Overwhelmed Kids
Stories for Overwhelm

"Overwhelm" is an audio collection of three stories about sensitive people managing the stresses of a busy, fast-paced world.

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