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We LOVE Sparkle Stories and tell all our friends about this amazing resource. You guys are really providing a unique service for families who like to keep media input simple.

Our children relate so much to Martin and Sylvia, and my husband and I appreciate the examples of good parenting strategies. :)

So thank you!

- Jessica Bandstra, Bellingham, Washington, USA

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All About "Martin & Sylvia", plus TWO Free Stories!


We are celebrating Martin & Sylvia this week, as we head into autumn.  Because we know that (more than almost anything) Martin and Sylvia love to celebrate the seasons! Oh, there are so many interesting things to know about Martin & Sylvia! FOR INSTANCE, DID YOU KNOW: ::…

This Week's Stories

At Home with Martin & Sylvia

"A Kitchen of Canning"

Martin & Sylvia

"The Sick and Tired Day"

So Many Fairies

"The Iron Riders of Courage"

Junkyard Tales

"The Diamond"

By Thistle, By Thimble

"The Fort Keeper"

Saturday Sparkle

"Brave and True"

The Willowbee Tree

"Stuck in the Stable"

Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures!

"Awesome Possum and the Mole Patrol"

Sparkle Sleepytime

"Winger the Wombat"

Junkyard Tales: All Together Now

"Junkyard Games"

Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!

"Apple Faces"