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Each Sparkle Stories Subscription has exactly a year’s worth of stories that follow the seasons and months of the year. Jump in at any time! Stay on for a year and hear everything in the series.


  • $7.00 per month for individual subscriptions
  • $15.00 per month for any 3 Story Series
  • Additional Story Series above three: only $3.50 per month each!

At Home with Martin & Sylvia Subscription

Ages 3 to 7

Join these two delightful and all-too-familiar children throughout the year as they explore the infinite possibilities of their sweet home in the woods. Subscribe and hear fresh story adventures each Friday!

Martin & Sylvia Subscription

Ages 4 to 8

Each day is an adventure with this enterprising brother and sister. Whether it's the heat of summer, or the deep snows of winter, Martin and Sylvia find wonder in the world of their home and yard. Subscribe and enjoy stories all year long!

So Many Fairies Subscription

Ages 5 to 8

Elves in winter, Fairies in spring, Sprites in summer and Gnomes in fall. What could be better than weekly stories that explore magical worlds throughout the seasons? Subscribe and hear fresh stories each week.

Junkyard Tales Subscription

Ages 5 to 10

Follow a year in the life of Benjamin Thompson – the clever cat who can always sniff out something exciting. And meet all of his extraordinary buddies, as together they explore the adventures and joys of life in their unusual home – the Junkyard!

By Thistle, By Thimble Subscription

Ages 6 to 9

This weekly series of original adventure tales will open your eyes to new worlds and characters from around the world and times gone by. Subscribe and hear stories from this magical series all year long!

Saturday Sparkle Subscription

Ages 6 to 9

Imagine – forty minutes of audio each week that not only delights your children, but inspires all sorts of creative play! Subscribe to Saturday Sparkle, and enjoy a new installment each Friday!

The Willowbee Tree Subscription

Ages 3 to 9

Join the Willowbee children on adventures to far away places through powers of their magical Willow tree. New adventures every week!

Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Subscription

Ages 3 to 8

Follow this inventive pair through the seasons, as they transform their brook into a rainforest river, their apple trees into hot air balloons, or their neighborhood library into a wizard's castle. Subscribe and hear new story adventures each Friday!

Sparkle Sleepytime Subscription

Ages 3 to 8

Subscribe and enjoy a new Sparkle Sleepytime Story each week! This Subscription Series is perfect for nap-times, quiet times and bedtimes – or any time you want a particularly quiet and soothing story for your little ones.

Junkyard Tales: All Together Now Subscription

Ages 5+

Join the Junkyard Friends for a year of stories about community, friendship, respect and celebration of difference.

Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! Subscription

Ages 3 to 8

Join Martin and Sylvia for a year of delightful stories, filled with adventure and creativity. Each weekly Story has a project and a free printable to go along! Subscribe and let the stories inspire your Saturdays.