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Storybox Playlist: Adventures Are Everywhere for Martin & Sylvia

Are you ready for an adventure? Even if you're staying close to home this summer, there are opportunities to explore and experience just outside your door! Just pack your imaginations and join Martin & Sylvia on their hometown escapades!

Martin & Sylvia's Favorites!

Have you met our beloved brother-and-sister duo? We've compiled a set of favorite stories featuring Martin & Sylvia. Listen along and get to know them — and if you're already acquainted, settle in for a set of fantastic stories with your favorite characters!

Summer Explorer Book and DIY Explorer Bags

Wishing for some fun summertime activities and adventures with the kids? Look no further than our very own Sparkle Stories Summer Explorer Project Guide! Read on for lots of ideas and instructions to make your own project bag — and happy exploring!

Adventure (Always!)

Welcome to July! Here at Sparkle, we're devoting the month of July to the theme of Adventure with our friends Libby & Dish. Read on for some summertime adventure wisdom from Lisabeth!

Storybox Playlist: Adventures in the Big City

Follow along with some of your favorite Sparkle Stories characters as they venture into the BIG CITY for some fun, adventure and lessons along the way!

The July 2024 Story Calendar

Who's ready for an adventure? There's nothing like the spaciousness of summer to inspire little ones to explore. Our July 2024 Story Calendar will inspire you to plan joyful adventures and create lasting memories for your whole family!

"Momma, I'm Bored!" The Beautiful Benefits of Boredom

Boredom. It can be teeth-grittingly uncomfortable, can't it? It can provoke all sorts of feelings from confusion to loss to despair. It can make a body squirmy and agitated. It inspires us to reach for ANYTHING to get out of that feeling. But boredom is valuable.

Storybox Playlist: Adventures Are Better with Friends

Adventures are just better with friends, aren't they? These tales revolve around the exhilaration of adventuring with friends and all the memories and wisdom that can come from such adventures — big or small!

Come On Everybody, Let's Get Outside!

Nature is an effective remedy for just about everything — from crankiness to anxiety, from fatigue to malaise. I also think kids need daily nature time, even if it's a walk around the block. Nature is everywhere, from state parks to green things growing in the sidewalk cracks. But how to get your kiddos outside?

Sparkle Craft Roundup: Our Best Outdoor Fun Ideas!

Looking for fun new ways to fill up your cup this summer while maximizing outside time? Well, you've come to the right spot! Here are seven fun outdoor activities from your friends at Sparkle Stories!

Project Round Up: Fun Things to Do with Dad for Father's Day

This Father's Day, we've rounded up several fun ways to celebrate Dad!

"Can You Come Over to Play?" The Many Values of Playtime

I know you've seen it. You've watched children play "house" or "firemen" or "pirates," haven't you? Have you seen how they've had to work out dynamics, distribute roles, and collaborate in the creation of the play? ll of this gives them a chance to grow and expand their abilities as people.

Printable Sparkle Games for Summer Fun!

Looking for more summertime activity inspiration? Try one of our many Sparkle Printables to entertain curious minds!

Longing for an Old-School Summer?

I think we should go old-school this year. Unstructured, play-filled, low-tech, outdoor-exploring summertime. Bike riding, back yard playing, free to roam and explore and play — uninterrupted. We were bored. We were creative. We had lots of friend time. It wasn't always easy, but it was real. And we benefited from it!

Sparkly Ideas for Playtime!

Play is a central value here at Sparkle. Case in point: when you search "play," you'll come up with 415 stories. Need inspiration? We've got you covered!

One Two Three!

If you're looking for an impromptu game with supplies you're sure to have on had, look no further. The "One, Two, Three" game is easy, fun, and sure to provide lots of laughter and silliness. And since the players provide the words, the game is accessible for players of all ages!

The June 2024 Story Calendar

The arrival of June offers a sweet invitation to embrace simple summer delights. Take a peek at our June 2024 Story Calendar to inspire your month of ease!

Most Days Work Better with a Routine

In summer, most routine gets thrown out the window, doesn’t it? So how can you build a “rhythm” that you can count on and that keeps everyone soothed? Here are our best tips to help you create your OWN routines that will suit your unique family the best.

Time for an Old-School Summer Bucket List

Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready? Stumped on what to do? Let's take it back to the good ol' days with an Old School Summer Bucket List! Grab your markers, rally the kids, put on your thinking caps, and let's get started...

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Bring on Summertime

Let's get the summer party started! Here are some early summer faves to bring on the warm feels and make everyone excited. Summertime is coming!

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