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Storybox Playlist: Stories of Queens and Kings, Princesses and Princes

Who would like to be royalty for a day? We invite you into our royal treasury of stories and uncover your inner queen or king. All hail to the crown!

Storybox Playlist: You are UNIQUE!

This week’s playlist is all about uniqueness — the ways in which we might feel self-conscious about ourselves and the ways in which we celebrate ourselves. We hope after hearing these stories you’ll spend a lot more time and energy celebrating your own uniqueness!

Top 5 Resources for Highly Sensitive Kids

Life with a highly sensitive child can be an adventure full of richness and delight. We hope this information and these stories will help you to parent your little one as they grow strong and mighty in their special sensory gifts!

The September Audio Story Calendar

September has arrived and we're here to help you sparkle it up! Check our our calendar full of stories and other goodies to celebrate your uniqueness as we kick off the school year.

Read Aloud Bedtime Stories for Kids: 3 Printable Scripts

We’ve gathered three of our all-time favorite Sleepytime stories and transcribed them for your reading pleasure. You’ll find the free downloadable story scripts for each below, so that you can bring some Sparkle to your read-aloud moments!

Our Favorite Online Homeschool Resources

Happily, homeschool resources have expanded immensely over the past several years and can offer counsel and direction for both new and seasoned homeschoolers. Here are some online and offline resources to help inspire and guide you if you are thinking about trying or are already in the thick of homeschooling.

Homeschool Stories

We’ve gathered some of our best homeschooling stories for you to explore. We've got loads of them! In fact, most of our entire Martin & Sylvia series revolves around homeschooling and life learning. We hope you enjoy these darling stories — no matter what schooling path you are on!

Free Homeschool Printables (and audio stories to go along!)

Did you know that our audio stories also make a great companion for homeschool support? Not only that, but we’ve got some wonderfully helpful resources right on the Sparkle Blog to make it even easier to incorporate story time into learning. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below.

Sparkle Kitchen: The City of Eight Recipe Round-Up

Take our advice and join the Dory Horde on a culinary adventure through a series of delightful Middle Eastern recipes.

The August Audio Story Calendar

Our handy August calendar will sparkle up your month with delight, whether you're soaking up your last summer days or gearing up for school. It's all loads of fun with Sparkle Stories!

Storybox Playlist: Stories for Summer's End Celebrations

As summer draws to an end, you can find joy and togetherness from the celebrations in these joyful stories. Let them inspire you!

Sparkle Kitchen: Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Dip)

Try your hand at the smoky, spicy dip that Colum tastes for the first time on her thrilling adventure down the river!

Sparkle Kitchen: Chicken Kofta Kebab

Who can resist spiced and seared chicken? Dig into this recipe and get a glimpse of what Grandmother Maria Dory is so excited about.

The Thebes Quiz

Are you ready for a fun and engaging quiz? We've put together a fantastic quiz inspired by the thrilling story "Episode 13: Thebes." It's designed to test your knowledge and spark your imagination. Let the "Thebes" quiz begin!

Wonder as a Power Tool with Dr. Carrie Contey

Our days are filled with busyness and many many demands. Kids lives too are full. How do we cut through all of that to find a little extra joy and peace? Wonder! Listen to Lisabeth Sewell and Dr. Carrie Contey as they explore all the ways to enrich our days with a little wonder.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Curiosity

Living out your days with an inquisitive mind makes life so much fuller and richer! Here are stories about curious characters to inspire curious kiddos.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Wonder

Wonder enhances creativity, reduces stress, and fosters meaningful connections in a world craving joy, creativity, and connection. Ignite wonder and curiosity in your family's life with this captivating playlist.

Sparkle Activity: Airport Bingo Adventure

While they wait for their flight, Momma suggests an entertaining game that will keep the whole family engaged. Get ready to embark on your own airport adventure with our exclusive Airport Bingo game! Fill your Airport Bingo Card with enchanting destinations and unlock a world of imagination during your school break. Let the journey begin!

The June Story Calendar Is Here!

In this free printable you will find a featured story for each week, a playlist of associated stories to dig deeper, and a special craft, tutorial, or recipe highlighted each week; PLUS a story script for you to read at home with your little ones (so you can try out all the voices and characters just like we do).

Sparkle Kitchen: Pistachio Ghoraybeh Thumbprint Cookies (Middle Eastern Shortbread)

Take a peaceful moment in the midst of your Dory Horde adventures to indulge in these rich Middle Eastern butter cookies.

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