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Storybox Playlist: Fairies in Our World

Every little change in your environment might just be the movement of the fairy folk, so keep your eyes and ears open — you never know when they'll show up! Listen along to this playlist to hear more examples of fairies in our world so you can watch for them wherever you are.

Create Your Own Fairy World Round-Up

We live in the world of the big people, but with just a bit of effort, we can help create environments that suit the fairy folk in our midst. Dig into this selection of homespun crafts to give your tiny friends a big welcome!

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Friendships with Fairies

Some of the greatest folk tales include fairies helping humans — and vice versa! Here are some of the best fairy friendship stories in the Sparkle library.

Sparkle Crafts: Fairy Faces

Take a nature walk and decorate a fairy face! Simply print the template, collect flowers and leaves, and create.

Storybox Playlist: Stories About Each Fairy Type

Do you believe in fairies? Earth, Water, Air, and Fire — our answer is a definite YES! Read through our primer below to learn more about each fairy type and take a deep dive into fairyland with our curated Storybox Playlist!

Storybox Playlist: The Fairy Favorites

Fairies can be found all around us — hidden in plain sight. Can you see them? Dive into our playlist full of fairy favorites and practice noticing the work of the fairy folk in our midst.

Recipe Round Up: Tarts for the Easter Table

We love tarts for Easter brunch! Sweet or savory, they're just the perfect little eats for little (and big) hands. We've rounded up our favorites for you to try at your next celebration.

Martin's Big Birthday Meal

It's Martin's 9th birthday, and the family celebrates with some of his favorite foods. Here are some recipes so you can celebrate along with them!

The Gift of Sensitivity

We sensitive people are a gift to the planet. Let me tell you why.

Recipe Round Up: Simple Foods for Simple Tastebuds

Indulge in delightful flavors and heartwarming tales with our roundup of recipes for sensitive palates.

Recipe Round Up: Libby Loves Smoothies!

Libby is a shy, quiet girl with a big imagination who lives in a high-rise apartment in the Big City with her best friend, Dish the Cat. She is fond of adventures and fruit smoothies! Here are some faves.

The March 2024 Story Calendar

Let's take a deep dive into our feelings this March! We're here to guide you through a gentle season of learning that will lead us into deeper and more fulfilling life experiences. Check out our March 2024 Story Calendar for stories, crafts, and recipes to enrich our Feelings Education this month.

The Stories You Tell Yourself Are Powerful

Join Lisabeth on a journey of self-discovery as she shares the transformative realization about the stories we tell ourselves. Explore the stories that limit and those that empower, and discover the wisdom in rewriting your narrative.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Show You Your Own Strength

Did you know that you are powerful? You have more strength than you know! Listen in on our best collection of stories to inspire kids to know their strengths.

Sparkle Craft: DIY Superhero Cuffs

Unleash your inner hero and dive into the empowering world of superhero crafting.

You are responsible for your own happiness. (Yes, you.)

Join Lisabeth for a heart-to-heart on embracing your responsibility for happiness. Discover the journey from codependency to empowerment, and step into the rich tapestry of joy waiting for you.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Help You Choose Happiness

Sometimes it's easy to be happy, but on some other days, you need to consciously choose happiness. Want to listen to some examples? Here are a few stories about choosing to find happiness when things aren't going your way.

Your Joy Is Your Compass. (And a Way to Love Yourself!)

Dive into the wisdom Lisabeth wishes she had known as a young mom, where she emphasizes the transformative force of joy as your compass. Learn to heed the call of joy in your life, no matter how unconventional or uncomfortable it may seem.

You Can Trust Yourself

Teaching our kids. Learning about ourselves. Building self-trust.

Sparkle Craft: Joy Mobiles

Joy is yours! Sometimes it just needs a little reminding. Time for a family craft, using all your favorite creative supplies.

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