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The December Audio Story Calendar

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Explore our December Audio Story Calendar for a month full of whimsical stories, inviting crafts, and some special treats that are just too good not to share. Get ready for a truly joyful season!

Sparkle Kitchen: Storytime Snack Roundup

Have you ever noticed how satisfying it is to pair listening with a storytime snack? We've gathered a collection of our favorite snack recipes to share with you for time when you want to bump up the holiday celebration a notch.

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is different for Lisabeth, Sparkle co-founder and CEO. And different has it's blessings!

Storybox Playlist: Thanksgiving Favorites!

Hooray for the pumpkin pie! Let's get ready for all the fun that comes with Thanksgiving. This giant playlist includes your all-time Thanksgiving favorites, plus some quieter stories of gratitude. Let the holiday season begin!

Storybox Playlist: Stories About How Much We Love Food

Who's hungry? At Sparkle, that's us most of the time — especially after listening to the mouthwatering concoctions our favorite characters cook up in their stories. Dig into this playlist to whet your appetite, and just as your tummy starts to rumble, head to the kitchen to test out one of our classic recipes. Bon appetit!

Ancestors, Elders and Us

This All Saints Day and Dia de Los Muertos, let's appreciate those who came before us — not only for what we inherited from them, but also for what they created for us.

The November Audio Story Calendar

The days are shortening and the nights are lengthening ... and festival season is fully underway! Dip into our November calendar full of light-filled stories, activities, and projects that warm the heart and drive away the growing chill in the air.

Storybox Playlist: Celebrating Our Grandparents & Elders

The longer you live, the more stories you hold in your heart — and we here at Sparkle are all about stories! So let's spend some time honoring the grandparents and elders in our lives. Pretty soon, you'll be inspired to ask questions and hear those magical words, "When I was young..."

Sparkle Craft: Halloween Printable Treats Poster!

Here is quick and easy tutorial for a door or yard sign that you can put up on Halloween and give away a free story instead of candy — or along with candy, if you choose!

Sparkle Craft: Sparkle "Halloween Trick-or-Treatables"

Whether you're making goodie bags full of candy or you're handing out non-food treats — like stickers and mini-erasers — a Sparkle Halloween treat tucks into a small goodie bag just perfectly.

Storybox Playlist: Celebrating Martinmas

The days are slowly growing shorter and the nights growing darker. Our bodies and hearts turn inward toward coziness and warmth, and we mark a shift in the sense of the seasons with one special day: Martinmas. Will you join us?

Storybox Playlist: Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!

Is there anything more magical than putting on a piece of clothing ... and suddenly becoming a completely new person?Soak up inspiration and delight as you listen to our stories about the joy of costumes.

Storybox Playlist: Finding Joy in Change

Change! It comes with the territory in parenting — and in simply being human! Settle in for a moment and listen to our stories about embracing change and transforming it into everyday wonder.

The Sparkle Team's Favorite Ideas for Shaking It Up

Regular routines keep us grounded, but sometimes we need to free up some excess energy. So inject some extra play into your day with our sparkliest ideas for spontaneous fun!

The October Audio Story Calendar

Change is in the air! As we swing into October, we've got a calendar full of all things crisp and crunchy, magical and mysterious, joyful and thrilling. Join us in this season of delight!

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Spontaneous Fun

Who doesn't like a bit of unexpected delight? Slide into our playlist full of silliness and surprise — and take some ideas along with you!

Turns out I'm Royalty. (And you are too.)

Fairy tales are more than old-time entertainment. They are pedagogical. They are teaching us something about ourselves.

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Queens and Kings, Princesses and Princes

Who would like to be royalty for a day? We invite you into our royal treasury of stories and uncover your inner queen or king. All hail to the crown!

Forget "fit in." Who are you really?

Let's take September to ask the question: who are these amazing creatures that are our children? And how do you make more space for them to unspool themselves fully?

Storybox Playlist: You are UNIQUE!

This week’s playlist is all about uniqueness — the ways in which we might feel self-conscious about ourselves and the ways in which we celebrate ourselves. We hope after hearing these stories you’ll spend a lot more time and energy celebrating your own uniqueness!

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