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The Stories You Tell Yourself Are Powerful

Join Lisabeth on a journey of self-discovery as she shares the transformative realization about the stories we tell ourselves. Explore the stories that limit and those that empower, and discover the wisdom in rewriting your narrative.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Show You Your Own Strength

Did you know that you are powerful? You have more strength than you know! Listen in on our best collection of stories to inspire kids to know their strengths.

Sparkle Craft: DIY Superhero Cuffs

Unleash your inner hero and dive into the empowering world of superhero crafting.

You are responsible for your own happiness. (Yes, you.)

Join Lisabeth for a heart-to-heart on embracing your responsibility for happiness. Discover the journey from codependency to empowerment, and step into the rich tapestry of joy waiting for you.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Help You Choose Happiness

Sometimes it's easy to be happy, but on some other days, you need to consciously choose happiness. Want to listen to some examples? Here are a few stories about choosing to find happiness when things aren't going your way.

Your Joy Is Your Compass. (And a Way to Love Yourself!)

Dive into the wisdom Lisabeth wishes she had known as a young mom, where she emphasizes the transformative force of joy as your compass. Learn to heed the call of joy in your life, no matter how unconventional or uncomfortable it may seem.

You Can Trust Yourself

Teaching our kids. Learning about ourselves. Building self-trust.

How to Trust Yourself with Uma Sanghvi

Delve into the exploration of self-trust, a pivotal theme in Lisabeth's life as a theater enthusiast and ambitious woman. In a recent interview with her coach, Uma Sanghvi, discover valuable recommendations and tools for cultivating self-trust.

Sparkle Craft: Joy Mobiles

Joy is yours! Sometimes it just needs a little reminding. Time for a family craft, using all your favorite creative supplies.

Sparkle Craft: Journal Prompts

Journaling is a powerful practice. Sometimes all we need to get started is a good prompt! Here are 30 of our favorites.

Everything I Wish I Knew When My Kids Were Young

This February, I'm following my impulse to write you dear Sparkle adults a weekly Love Note.

The February 2024 Story Calendar

February is more than just the month of love; it's a month of self-discovery and reflection. As we embrace the cozy vibes of winter, we're thrilled to introduce our February 2024 Story Calendar — a curated guide to enhance your month with a selection of stories, recipes, crafts, and activities.

Sparkle Stories is Looking for New Voices!

Sparkle Stories is searching for new talent to share with children and their families. We’re looking for original, unpublished stories that reflect the richness of our world.

Storybox Playlist: Stories About Trusting Life

What if life has messages and lessons for us? What if we just needed to learn to trust what we hear? Here are four stories to inspire you to try.

Storybox Playlist: Stories About Trusting Yourself

What can we do to help our children hear their own quiet inner voice and trust themselves? These five stories can help.

The January 2024 Story Calendar

Dive into a world of snowy adventures, cozy tales, and wintertime wonder! Join us in our January calendar as we celebrate fresh beginnings, outdoor escapades, and heartwarming indoor fun. Let the stories transport you to a magical realm where every story and activity glows with the charm of the season. Discover the joy of January with us!

Storybox Playlist: Stories for Creating a Marvelous Life

Stories shape the people we become: how we think, feel and and act. So when it comes to caring for our kiddos, let's pick kind and gentle stories. That's what we've done for you here, in this thoughtfully-curated playlist of stories for creating a marvelous life. Settle into these gems and soak up the good vibes!

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Crafting & Creating

The best holidays include some form of crafting. But how do we get holiday projects going when lives are busy? We find inspiration — in stories! So queue up this playlist and let Sparkle Stories draw you into the making mood. You'll be glad you did!

Sparkle Craft: Handwritten Kindness Cards

Need to give a little appreciation but not sure how to do it? Want to have a practice of being grateful and sharing love with others? Break out our kindness cards. The prompts will get you going, and the message will mean so much to the receiver!

Storybox Playlist: Stories that Make you Want to Give!

A little helping hand for a stranger. A moment of caring in a crisis. Words of appreciation to a friend. A gift for a neighbor. These have the power to change the world! Here are our best stories about small kindnesses, to inspire your own.

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