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Sparkle Crafts: Fairy Faces

Sparkle Crafts: Fairy Faces

At Sparkle, we're always ready for some fairy fun, and we especially love fairy crafts. We've made lots of fairy food and food for fairies. We've made different kinds of fairy houses. We've even knitted bags for fairy gifts. Now we're making fairy faces.

It happens to be spring now, but you could make fairy faces in any season. It's simple and fun and the creative possibilities are endless.

Take a Nature Walk

You'll start by going outside. Consider bringing a basket or tote for gathering. Start walking, slowly, and notice all the things growing around you. Smell the flowers. Feel the leaves. Notice the textures and colors and all the shades of green (or brown, or gray, depending on the season). See if you can identify the plants and trees you encounter. Collect little clippings and stems and stalks as you go. Take deep breaths and enjoy being outside!

Prepare Your Materials

Once you're home, click HERE to download and print our Fairy Face Printable template.

Then lay out the flowers and leaves and all the things you gathered on your walk so you can see what you have.
Fairy Face materials

Decorate Your Fairy Face

Now you'll arrange — and probably rearrange, and arrange again — the petals and stems and twigs and leaves to decorate your fairy face. Are you making a flower fairy? An earth fairy? A fire fairy? A water fairy? Have fun with the possibilities! You can use ferns to create a beard, or vetch for eyebrows, and wildflowers for a full flowery hat. How about some pine cone earrings?
decorated fairy face
Shake off the flowers and start again. What kind of fairy do you have now?
Fairy Face v2
How about another one?
Fairy Face v3

It's fun to make fairy faces!

Once you're done, you can compost your fairy faces in your Dirty Dusty Gnome Kitchen Counter Composter. Keep the creativity going and use the template as a coloring page.

We'd love to see your fairy faces. Please share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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