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Stock Your Cleaning Kit for Kids

It's time to clean — but where to begin? Stocking a kid-friendly cleaning kit with simple supplies will set the stage for your family to create a fresh and clean home.

Sparkle Craft: A Special Valentine Tote

Add a little sparkle to Valentine’s Day this year with this easy-to-make gift bag.

Sparkle Kitchen: Lavender and Sweet Orange Sleepy Spray

For anyone even remotely aware of herbal remedies, using lavender as a sleep aid is a no-brainer, but the addition of sweet orange oil makes this blend particularly lovely for children. Here's how to make it so your little one can catch more zzzzzzs.

Family Activity: Projects for Winter Break

These six winter crafts and activities will keep little hands and minds busy while they are out of school.

Sparkle Crafts: DIY Wooden Buildings

Perhaps you’d like to build a town, like Martin and Sylvia in "Our Own Town." Why not start with some handmade wooden buildings?

9 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make at Home

If you're in need of a last-minute gift, these nine homemade presents are fun to make and guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who receives them.

Celebrating Winter Solstice

Winter solstice is a pretty big deal at Sparkle Stories and we want to share a few of our favorite ways to celebrate it.

Create Your Very Own Scrap Basket Softies

With a few fabric scraps and a little time at the sewing machine, you can make a whole stuffed menagerie!

Nature School Project: Mushroom Spore Printing

Enjoy this easy tutorial for a fun mushroom art project! Mushroom spore printing is often done to differentiate between similar-looking species, but can be a very fun and simple nature study to do.

Sparkle Craft: Milk and Oatmeal Soap

As far back as Cleopatra in Egypt, people have enjoyed the skin soothing properties of milk. In the recipes below — a milk bath powder and a milk soap — milk is combined with oatmeal for an extra punch of moisturizing goodness.

Sparkle Crafts: Snowman Mug Buddies

Is there snow where you are? Whether or not you are surrounded by wintry white, these mug buddies are a festive way to celebrate the winter season.

Sparkle Crafts: Festive Holiday Crafts Round Up

One of my favorite parts of the winter holiday season is making decorations.

A New Thanksgiving Table Setting Tradition

This simple Thanksgiving Day place card craft is fun for kids to make and guests to experience.

Best of Thanksgiving Crafts

This week's crafts are all about gratitude and community. We encourage you to spend time each day this season thinking of little things you are grateful for or helping others. We've rounded up four simple crafts that can be done with materials you have right at home.

Sparkle Craft: Halloween Printable Treats!

Here is quick and easy tutorial for a door or yard sign that you can put up on Halloween and give away a free story instead of candy (or along with candy, if you choose!).

Blessing Bags Project for Kids

For both of these blessing bag projects, we've listed suggestions for involving your kids while also helping fellow humans. Neither is going to save the world, but both are one tiny step towards making it kinder.

Sparkle Crafts: Kindness Coupons

These printable “kindness coupons” are inspired by a Martin & Sylvia story. Perhaps the people at your house might want to practice sharing some kindness, just like Martin and Sylvia!

DIY Family Thanksgiving Book

Our Thanksgiving Book provides a quick, easy-to-keep-up glimpse of our blessings from year to year. If you want to start your own Thanksgiving Book tradition, here's how.

Four Kindness Crafts for Kids

Sometimes gifts of kindness come in small packages. They don't always have to be big things. We've looked through the Sparkle crafts archives and pulled out crafts that are easy for kids to do on their own (or with minimal help) and which have meaning behind them.

Sparkle Craft: Star Jars

These star jars will provoke quiet “oohs” and “ahhs” whenever you switch them on. The initial cutting with a box knife is best done by an adult, but by using a thin, disposable cookie sheet to make the heart of the lantern, a supervised pre-schooler can quickly make a whole galaxy of stars to admire.

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