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Sparkle Craft: Halloween Printable Treats Poster!

Sparkle Craft: Halloween Printable Treats Poster!

I was inspired by the So Many Fairies story, "Halloween Story: Part One," in which two friends Henry and Brie discover a "story house" where they are offered a story or a treat for Halloween. I've created a quick and easy tutorial for a door or yard sign that you can put up on Halloween and give away a free story instead of candy — or along with candy, if you choose!


All you need is paper, scissors, glue, tape, and a printer. Let's get started!


2. Poster Supplies


Download the Halloween Poster here!

1 or 2 pieces of 12" x 12" cardstock in any color you want

glue stick

scissors or a paper cutter

dowels (optional)

duct tape or packing tape



Start by printing out the QR code sign.

3. Glue Poster

Next, glue the sign to the first and then the second layer of cardstock paper.

4. Glue Poster 2nd Layer

If you choose to make the sign so it can lean, or stand up, or be stuck into the ground, you'll want to attach the dowels to the back.

5. Glue Complete

You can use duct tape or any sturdy tape you have on hand.

6. Tape Dowels


Now you are ready to put up the sign! I'm leaning ours against our potted plants. If it's a windy night I'll remove the dowels and tape the sign to the front door.


1. Halloween Printable Treats Cover Photo

Happy Trick-or Treating, Sparklers!


If you'd like to pair the QR code with a pencil or a bag of candy, we have printouts available that you can color or use as is.

Find the tutorial here!

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