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Sparkle Stories is a great way for us to transition from our very busy days into bedtime and sleep. We love to rest quietly with our seven year-old daughter. It's a rare time of day that no one is talking and everyone is listening.
Raini, Austin, Texas

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Introduction Part One: Something's Going On

Introduction Part One: Something's Going On

Different by Design
Why are our stories slower, kinder and gentler than most children’s media?

We want to create a slower, kinder, more gentle world. We believe the best way to do that is to create stories that share models for:

  • How to be kind to others
  • How to be respectful in thought, word and deed
  • How to live in wonder and reverence for this truly incredible world

And whether your child is turning 3 or going on 12 years old, all of our stories reinforce these values.

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Get Started with Unlimited Listening to 1300+ Original Stories!

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