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Sparkle Weekly Wonderings

We’ve been talking about screens for a while now. And by “we” I mean anyone who has children. Once upon a time it was called “TV time” then “Computer time” was added. Now it is screen time because we could be talking about TV,...

Sparkle Schoolhouse, Dry Gables: Good Neighbors "For the People"

Welcome back to Dry Gables, Sparklers! It’s so nice to return to a familiar place with our good friends the Denkens, the Herz Family, and the Bauers as they teach us how to be our best selves — and how to navigate even when we’re not our...

friday's kind words

Absolutely the best! Love the educational states series. Love how Martin and Sylvia make my kids feel more 'normal' about homeschooling, gardening.

  • Jillian Liu...

sparkle craft: simple brushbot

In the Libby & Dish story “On Clouds and Hard Places,” Libby falls in love as soon as she meets Juan Paco’s pet cobayo, Vellosa. She is on a cloud-— until, moments...

Get Inspired to EXPLORE this Summer

Exploring can start in your very own yard and neighborhood!

Below you'll find a series suggestions and projects to inspire your family to put on their explorer packs and get out the door.

We'll start with exploring our own homes and yards, and...