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friday's kind words

"Well done! So encouraging to see you presenting stories on the special role of grandparents and the many feelings that come from loving others well even as they are changing. Excited to listen to this series and thankful you see the value and teach...

The Magic of "Mindset"

Have you ever had a moment when you thought you've finally found the best parenting tool ever? I'm having that moment right now. The parenting tool?

"Fostering a Growth Mindset."

My very first, very basic exposure to the concepts within...

FIFTY: The Stars, the States, the Stories — the Territories

FIFTY: the Stars, the States, and the Stories is a collection of stories that celebrates the magnificent experiment that is the United States of America.

In this collection of stories, we learn about the American Experiment through the experience...

Storybox Playlist: Growth Mindset

Encouraging a Growth Mindset in your children fosters so many good qualities: patience, persistence, and grit to name a few. It also helps kids value their mistakes, and be curious about the best ways to learn. Here are five stories that demonstrate...

friday's kind words

"Just wanted to say that Sparkle Stories has gotten us through so many car rides! My husband's mom lives seven hours away and last year he was staying with her a lot, so the stories have helped on family trips as well as when I have driven with the...