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Back-to-School Support! Four Free Stories plus a Downloadable Guide

Are your kids worried about starting school?

Perhaps they are changing schools or are concerned about how they’ll do in the next grade up. It can be an anxious time.

But we have support for you:

The Sparkle Back-to-School Guide for...

Storybox Playlist: Back to School- Getting Ready and Making it Fun

There are a lot of details involved in preparing for the start of school. Whether it is your first time going to school or you are returning to the same school with the same friends, there are supplies, books, clothes, and schedules to attend to. We...

How to Be Super on the First Day of School

Back to School is upon us, and it is a big deal. Yes, it is a big deal to manage all the shopping, the changing of schedules, and the new rhythms.

But for our sensitive children, it is a very big deal because it is NEW. NEW is a big deal. New...

friday's kind words

My son (age five) LOVES Sparkle Stories! He was obsessed with Martin and Sylvia, but has since moved onto Junkyard Tales. Thank you for providing such imaginative and engaging stories for our kids! Also as a side note...your customer service is top...

sparkle crafts: four crafts to cool down with

Hot summer days call for water activities. Even if you live in a place where water conservation is key, we have an activity for you that will require minimal water waste. Here are four fun and cool activities to try out!