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Sparkle Weekly Wonderings

I’ve been a parent for 16½ years now, and one important thing I’ve learned is this: Everything Works Better with a Routine. This is due in part to my personality, and due in part my children’s personalities. However, I’ve also come to...

friday's kind words

"Sparkle Stories have been a daily fixture in our house for the past four years. We love them!! The stories are funny, engaging, thought-provoking, and soothing. It helps engage our children in topics that are sometimes challenging to understand....

Where is the Mr. Rogers of 2018?

“What’s wrong?” my youngest son asked, “Why are you crying?” I looked away from the screen of my laptop and blinked a couple times before responding.

“Mr. Rogers likes me just the way I am.”

Now, of course this made no sense to...

Nine Easy Sparkle Crafts to Get the Summer Started

Summer crafts are some of my favorites. With days wide open without lesson time or school, there is plenty of time to explore new crafts. At Sparkle, we've got so many crafts it's hard to choose! But I've rounded up nine of my favorites that I hope...

Nine Light Summer Recipes

Summer is a great time to lighten up your meals. Fresh vegetables and fruit are abundant in farmers markets and backyard gardens. I've rounded up a bunch of light recipes you can make over and over again all throughout the summer.