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Storybox Playlist: "Go Offline" Here's How We Do It

Sometimes pressing pause is the most effective, enduring and powerful thing a parent can do - especially in the fast paced, quick changing and stimulating times we live in.

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Sparkle Weekly Wonderings

I love to talk about magic. I am happy to discuss magic with friends and strangers alike - and I have found over the years, that virtually everyone is open to that kind of conversation. When I say “Do you believe in magic” the answer is...

friday's kind words

On another note of appreciation, I love that I never have to screen Sparkle Stories or worry about them conveying values I don't believe in to my daughter. Every one of the hundreds of stories is beautiful, ethical, and wholesome. Amazing!!

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sparkle craft: magically easy magic wands

In the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures story "Wood Elves," Martin wants to be a true wood elf — he climbs trees, makes up his own elf language, and crafts a...

Storybox Playlist: Magical Stories

There are so many ways to look at magic. From card tricks to the mystery of the natural world, magic is a part of all of us. Here are some stories that have magic (and magicians) at their center.

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