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friday's kind words

Thank you again for all you do! Sparkle stories got us through a long hard winter, and I am grateful it is part of our lives every day!

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sparkle crafts: earth fairy crafts

Earth fairies, as we learned earlier this week, are gnomes. They live in the earth and feel very at home with rocks and soil and roots. We've rounded up four sparkle crafts that we think any earth fairy would really love.


sparkle kitchen: what earth fairies eat

Earth Fairies are gnomes. They govern the roots and that which happens under ground.

They are the melancholic temperament. Moody, sensative, frowny, harsh. They feel everything and are often uncomfortable. But they are also highly empathetic and...

Storybox Playlist: A Month of Fairyfolk — Earth Fairies

Gnomes, or earth fairies, are a dutiful and hard-working bunch. But they can also be very sensitive and tender, as shown in this collection of stories.

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__The Crystal...

All About Fairies

If you have been listening to Sparkle Stories for a while, you have likely noticed a lot of talk about elves, fairies, gnomes, sprites, pixies, and nymphs. In many stories, fairies are central characters that are struggling with something in the...