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Growing Handy Skills, Sparkle Story-Style

Growing Handy Skills, Sparkle Story-Style

Don't start by telling me you're not creative. I don't buy it. We are ALL creative — we're just trained or talked out of it when we are young. You know how young children LOVE to make things? That very thing lives in you too.

Many of us do work that doesn't feel like "WORK" in the full-bodied sense. Sitting and tapping at a computer may be work and it may be exhausting, but it can leave us feeling a bit out-of-body and unsatisfied, can't it?

It's GOOD for us to work with our hands. Creative hand-work pursuits bring out the best in us and free our minds and spirits. (There's research around this, believe it or not!)

Plus, when kids learn to cook, or knit, or sew, or build, they also grow a foundation of capableness and confidence. There's nothing like knowing you can DO for yourself and others.

So let's grow some skills this week and try something new with the kids — whether it's a little finger-knitting or a full blown, kid-made meal! We've got stories and activities to get you creating.

Let's get you started with stories and projects:

• (Stories for Makers playlist)[]

• (Sparkle Crafts Round Up: Practical Crafts for Little Creators)[]

• (Sparkle Kitchen: Kids Cook Round Up)[]


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