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This category is tailored for adults seeking valuable insights and resources. From parenting tips to personal growth advice, education insights, and more, discover content designed to support and empower grown-ups on their journey.

The Stories You Tell Yourself Are Powerful

Join Lisabeth on a journey of self-discovery as she shares the transformative realization about the stories we tell ourselves. Explore the stories that limit and those that empower, and discover the wisdom in rewriting your narrative.

You are responsible for your own happiness. (Yes, you.)

Join Lisabeth for a heart-to-heart on embracing your responsibility for happiness. Discover the journey from codependency to empowerment, and step into the rich tapestry of joy waiting for you.

Your Joy Is Your Compass. (And a Way to Love Yourself!)

Dive into the wisdom Lisabeth wishes she had known as a young mom, where she emphasizes the transformative force of joy as your compass. Learn to heed the call of joy in your life, no matter how unconventional or uncomfortable it may seem.

You Can Trust Yourself

Teaching our kids. Learning about ourselves. Building self-trust.

How to Trust Yourself with Uma Sanghvi

Delve into the exploration of self-trust, a pivotal theme in Lisabeth's life as a theater enthusiast and ambitious woman. In a recent interview with her coach, Uma Sanghvi, discover valuable recommendations and tools for cultivating self-trust.

Everything I Wish I Knew When My Kids Were Young

This February, I'm following my impulse to write you dear Sparkle adults a weekly Love Note.

Tips for a Year of Rest

This desire for rhythms of work and rest inspired the creation of Martin and Sylvia: Day of Rest. Through these stories, we have the gift of observing Martin and Sylvia’s family as they work through the process of setting apart one day each week to rest as a family.

Unhook Your Holidays

What can you do to make the holidays feel special for others AND guilt-free for you?

This Is No Norman Rockwell Holiday

Holidays can be hard. We humans are just so messy. There’s got to be a way to make this easier, right? Keep reading for advice on how best to practice self-care through the sometimes rough holiday season.

How to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

What are the impacts of screen time? Is it really all that bad? Digging into the facts sometimes results in mixed messages. To build healthy habits, parents may do well to combine what they can glean from current research (link to new blog post) with their own intuition.

Tips to Get Kids Off Screens

How do you get your family off screens? We cover the basics of what's worked in our own families, as well as practical tips, suggestions, and solutions!

Storytelling as a Parenting Tool 101

Our understanding of the world is made up of the stories we have told and continue to tell. Here are some of our best tips for using the power of storytelling to give us context and help us grow.

Melisa Nielsen Guest Post: The Secrets to Peace at Home

In this guest blog post by Melisa Nielsen of Waldorf Essentials and Seasons of Seven, Melisa shares insights and tips to establish rhythms that create a sense of safety and consistency for kids and families.

How to Tell a Story that is More Interesting than TV or Video Games

Inspiration to tell your own stories to your children.

Sparkle Weekly Wondering

One of the biggest perks of being a storyteller is that I am schooled in my own attention. In order to write a story about a lonely squirrel, I need to pay attention not only to squirrels, but to loneliness as well. I need to focus on the sensation of loneliness and recall times when I felt lonely.

A Storyteller’s Guide to Building Worlds: Where to Pay Attention

There is a story that is often attributed to the Cherokee people in which a grandfather tells his grandchild a story about two wolves. One wolf is greedy and selfish and the other is kind and generous. The wolves fight. The child asks, “Which one will win the fight?” The child’s grandfather answers, “The one you feed.”

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Conflict Is a Gift, Not a Curse!

Without conflict there is no growth, no learning, no healing, and no revelation. We need the conflict to inspire the joy of resolution. Thus, avoiding conflict is not only a bad idea, it takes you out of the best parts of life!

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Support for Parents and Teachers

What makes Sparkle Stories ... Sparkle Stories? What makes us different than, say, children’s podcasts? or audiobooks? or Disney? or Netflix Kids?

Raising Strong Girls: Resource List

I asked the Sparkle Team to share their favorite books and resources for raising strong girls, and together they created a wonderful list! We want to share it with you.

SparkleCast Episode 16 – Inclusion, Teasing, and Bullying with Kim John Payne

In this episode, Kim, David, and Rebecca use the Junkyard Tales story “Buster” to talk about what is traditionally called "teasing" and "bullying" and is a broader way of discussing "inclusion" and "exclusion."

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