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You Can Trust Yourself

You Can Trust Yourself

Welcome to my first message to you in the series I'm calling my Love Notes to you. I want you to have the thinking, tools, and support that I wish I'd had when my first son was born, with the hope that your path can be easier and more readily fulfilling. Life is something! Not for the faint of heart, one of my besties likes to say. We need all the support we can get. Know I'm talking to you, Sparkle Adults, and at the same time talking to myself. I need the reminders, too.

After I talk to you, I'll share content suggestions for the whole family. Every single one of these "Love Notes" are things I want our kids to know as well. I've picked the best stories and projects to convey.

Are you with me?

Love Note Number One: Trust yourself.

Trust that you have an inner knowing — an inner guidance. Trust the feeling you have in your gut, or in your heart. Sometimes it's in your hands or your feet. Trust your body to talk to you. Trust what it says.

Trust you have within you the strength to meet whatever comes your way. You have inner resources well beyond belief. Trust that.

Trust yourself to know what's best for you and your family. You do. It might run against the dominant narrative. Or you might only know the next right step, and nothing beyond. That's okay. In fact, that seems like it's often how it is. Trust.

Things might feel uncomfortable, following that inner guidance. But that's okay, too. Sometimes when we follow our own knowing, we go against the grain. The only challenge — the only thing between where we are now and where we need to go — is discomfort.

Personally, I take it a step further now and I remind myself to trust life. You might say Trust God or Trust the Divine. Trust Yourself and Trust Life = a powerful way to walk the earth. It doesn't mean things will be easy or fair or gentle. It does give you courage and groundedness and a little extra peace through it.

What if you have no idea how to "trust yourself?" Our minds can get in the way — as they are wired to look for danger and to be protective. Peek at this post. I talked to one of my favorite people (and my coach) Uma Sanghvi about it and she had such useful suggestions.

Big love from your Big Sis at Sparkle HQ,


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