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Longing for an Old-School Summer?

Longing for an Old-School Summer?

I think we should go old-school this year. Unstructured, play-filled, low-tech, outdoor-exploring summertime.

You know what I'm talking about. Mine is the last generation to know what an unplugged summer is like. Bike riding, back yard playing, free to roam and explore and play — uninterrupted. We were bored. We were creative. We had lots of friend time. We made up our own games. We roamed in packs. We built forts out of tree branches or couch cushions. We made plays for the grownups.

We also had downtime in our rooms. We read. We played quietly. We drew. We dreamed.

I could go on and on. It wasn't always easy, but it was real. And we benefited from it!

I'm becoming more and more cranky and concerned about the impact of tech in our lives, particularly in the lives of our children. It's gone from being a useful tool to being a delicious addiction to easy entertainment that's robbing us of our creativity, our minds, and, honestly, our deepest joy.

Our kids are anxious and depressed in growing numbers, as are we adults. We're disconnected and agitated, feeling more and more lost and purposeless.

So let's bring back some old-school this summer. The change of season is a wonderful opportunity to shift gears, to bring new rules and routines to the family day. Kids are intrinsically creative, resourceful and resilient. If given the space, time and freedom — as well as some inspiring ingredients — I believe they'll pick up the old-school summer ways.

We adults just have to be willing to allow them (and ourselves) to be uncomfortable for a little while.

So can we do it? Can we put the screens in the cabinet, and invite our families into some real-time, unplugged, present together time this summer? I'll do it with you. (Because, yes, I'm attached to my screens too.)

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