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One Two Three!

One Two Three!

This is, hands down, our family's very favorite game currently. If we have friends over for dinner, you can guarantee one of our kids will ask "Can we play One, Two, Three?"

This game is also commonly called "Salad Bowl," and is so easy to play. All you need is a big bowl, paper and pens.

This game has three rounds: the first is like the game "Catch Phrase," where you describe a word for teammates to guess, without using the actual word. The second round is charades with the same clues, and in the third, the player can only give a single word, from which his teammates must guess the clue.

Get Ready to Play: 1. Randomly select a letter from the alphabet. You can ask someone to pick a letter before the game is announced or cut up pieces of paper with each letter on it and randomly select one.

  1. Once a letter is selected, everyone is given four slips of paper and must write down four words that start with that letter. Everyone should fold their slips in half and place them in a bowl, jar or other container.

  2. After the words are in the bowl, you randomly select teams. While the game can be played with 2 people per team, we recommend teams of 3-5 players and up to 3-4 teams.

Download the rest of the instructions here and get ready to have some fun!

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